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Traveling is always bound to give you a thrilling experience, and when that travel place in Dubai, the thrill gets even more massive. And now that you are applying for a prearranged visa to Dubai, you must surely be aware of the place too. Dubai is one of the best travel destinations in the world and it has continued to be the same to date. The beauty and the scene that Dubai carries are what makes it the most visited city in the world. Visitors from around the world have always loved traveling to Dubai as the atmosphere that is found in Dubai is something that we cannot find anywhere else.

What is a prearranged visa?

  • We have been assigned different kinds of visa types like visas on arrival, visas prior to travel, and the one we have been assigned is a pre-arranged visa. Some citizens of some specific countries are also given visa-free access, meaning they do not need to apply for a visa and can enter freely.
  • All the visa types are designed to serve the different needs of visitors. Here we are talking about a pre-arranged visa, which is a visa type used by visitors who cannot enter the country upon arrival. A "pre-arranged visa" basically helps the visitor to have the visa arranged in advance or can say, a visa that is arranged before you go to the airport.
  • And to apply for a pre-arranged visa, one needs to get through every single piece of information and have the basic and specific requirements for the visa application.


Requirements for a prearranged visa to Dubai

To obtain the visa type, you must meet the requirements listed below, and you must make certain that you do not miss any of them, or you will be in trouble.

  • First and foremost, a visa application form is required.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to write down all the details in advance so that nothing is overlooked when completing the visa application form.
  • Each and every piece of personal data, including full name, nationality, birth date, etc.
  • A valid passport must have 2 pages at the end for stamping visas, and it must have a validity of at least six months from the date of entry.
  • The first and last pages of the passport should be photocopied as well.
  • The applicant is responsible for verifying that the details on the visa application form correspond to those on the passport.
  • Additionally, 2-3 passport-sized images will be required. The photos must be no older than 3-6 months.
  • The trip schedule is also required.
  • One must include travel information on the application form, including the arrival and departure dates.
  • Additionally, the applicant's housing information must be given.
  • Additionally, six months' worth of health bank statements must be provided.

Steps for the Dubai visa application process

One needs to go through 3 steps for the same

  1. The first step is to choose your citizenship country and living country on the Dubai visit visa online portal.
  2. Then you are required to choose the visa that you would like to apply for such as a tourist visa for single entry or multiple entries or transit visas. you can also apply for a visa extension with us.
  3. After choosing the visa you will have to fill out the visa application form and provide all the necessary personal details and attach the required visa documents.
  4. Then pay the visa fee as per what is required.
  5. The last is when you receive the visa via mail, and for that, one needs to provide the exact mail that’s valid and working. 

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Now that you know that the pre-arranged visas are applied for well in advance, and now you are also aware of the documentation and the procedure of a pre-arranged visa. And for that, one needs to really take care of every single thing once you apply for your pre-arranged visa to Dubai. Once you follow the correct steps, you can be on track to receiving your visa. And one should make sure not to commit any kind of mistake while applying for the visa since it can lead to a delay or cancellation.

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