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Dubai is a city that houses so many iconic places is the favorite travel destination for so many people all around the world. The fast paced city has attracted thousands of visitors from the last decade because of its extravagant advancement in technology and improved tourism sector. If you are someone who is still wondering about the steps to get Dubai visit visa online, then do not worry, you have landed on the right place.

Read this article till the end and get a detailed description on everything important that you might find helpful regarding visit visa Dubai. 

Do I Need A Visa To Dubai?

Foreigners who are visiting the city would have to obtain a visa prior their entry into the country. This is not applicable to the people who are visa exempt or those who get to enjoy the visa on arrival policy. The nationals of the following countries get the exemption from UAE visa online. The GCC countries enjoy the freedom of movement:

  •         Kuwait
  •         Oman
  •         Saudi Arabia
  •         Qatar
  •         Bahrain

Additionally, citizens of Mexico can stay up for a period of 180 days without obtaining a visa beforehand. Also, there are several countries that can stay in the country for 90 days within the 180 days period. They are mentioned in the table below:

·         European Union

·         Argentina

·         Bahamas

·         Barbados

·         Iceland

·         Honduras

·         Russia

·         Russia

·         SVG

·         Kiribati

·         San Marino

·         Belarus

·         Liechtenstein

·         South Korea

·         Brazil

·         Maldives

·         Serbia

·         Chile

·         Montenegro

·         Seychelles

·         Colombia

·         Nauru

·         Solomon Islands

·         Costa Rica

·         Norway

·         Switzerland

·         El Salvador

·         Paraguay

·         Uruguay

·         Israel

·         Peru

Also, the nationals of the following countries can stay for a period of 30 days visa free in the country:

·         Andorra

·         Japan

·         Singapore

·         Australia

·         Kazakhstan

·         Ukraine

·         Brunei

·         Macao

·         UK

·         Canada

·         China

·         Hong Kong

·         Ireland

·         Malaysia

·         US

·         Mauritius

·         Vatican City

·         Monaco

·         New Zealand

How To Apply?

The citizens of the above mentioned countries do not need a visa beforehand. But, if you come from a country that needs a permit, you just have to follow these simple steps to fill out the UAE visa application:

Step 1

  •         Open the website and enter your nationality and the country that you are currently living in.
  •         Choose from the list, the type of the visa that suits your travel itinerary.
  •         An application will open on your screen.

Step 2

  •         The next step is filling up the application form.
  •         You should make sure that you do not put any wrong information or leave any blanks in the form.
  •         It would be better if you double check the details that you have entered and check if they are correct or not.

Step 3

  •         The third step is uploading the documents.
  •         Upload all the documents that are needed.
  •         You can also provide some additional documents that might act in your favor.

Step 4

  •         The fourth and the last step is paying the Dubai visit visa price.
  •         You can use any of the electronic payment methods.
  •         We accept Debit and credit cards and also PayPal.

After you are done paying the fee, you can download the application and note down the application ID for you will need that for a Dubai visa online check. 

Required Documents

There are various documents that you need while applying for a UAE visit visa online. They are:

  •         Passport that should not expire within six months of traveling. It should not be in damaged condition and should contain at least two blank pages.
  •         Passport sized photographs that should be clicked against a white background. The dimensions of the photograph should be 35mmX45mm.
  •         Bank statement for the last six months. This is asked as a proof that you can handle your financial situation in the country all by yourself.
  •         Return flight tickets. This is needed so you can prove that you will return back to your home country after your visa expires.
  •         Travel insurance is also needed for covering the medical expenses of the person in case of any emergency or accident in the foreign country. 

Dubai Visa Tips

  •         The validity period of a visa is between 14 to 60 days. The days mentioned are the time during which the visa stays valid. This means that you will have to make a visit during this time period. After the visa validity expires, you will not be allowed inside the country.
  •         You should know that the visas are not extendable for 1 month. The maximum day for which extension is given is 30 days. Because a month can also have 31 days, you will have to pay a fine for that extra day.
  •         Earlier, applicant’s used to come to the country with a visit visa, seek employment, and then leave the country and apply for an employment visa. But the Dubai visit visa new rules state that a person now does not need to leave the country to change the visa by paying an amount.

Rules And Regulations

As per the rules and regulations set up by the ministry of interior, a health check up is mandatory if you want to seek a residence visa.

You should undergo these tests if you do not want to go through any financial burden or loss.

  •         HIV
  •         Tuberculosis
  •         Hepatitis B
  •         Any other infectious disease

General Faqs

Q. How will I track my visa application?

After you have applied for a visa with us, you can easily do the Dubai via online check by following these steps:

  •         Open the website and go to the track visa section
  •         Enter the application ID.
  •         Within a few seconds you will be able to view the status of your application.

Q. Can I extend my visit visa for 6 months?

No, the visit visas can only be extended for a period of 30 days. If you want to stay for a longer period, you will have to leave the country and apply again.

Q. Do I need to apply for the same visa for my 5 year old kid?

Yes, you should apply for the same visa by following the same process that has been mentioned above. Additionally, you should provide your child’s birth certificate as a proof.

Now that the question about the steps to get Dubai visit visa online has been answered, all you need to do is go to the home page, apply for the visa and get to visit the dream destination of many.

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