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Want to cancel your UAE visa but are not sure what to do? Confused about the UAE visa cancellation charges? Don’t know the process of canceling the UAE visa?

The process of canceling your UAE visa is comparatively simple. The procedure of canceling a visa in the United Arab Emirates is simpler than applying for a visa. However, it is critical to obtain the UAE visa cancellation properly while ensuring that the cancellation has been upgraded in the immigration process. Read this article to get the details about how to cancel various UAE visas including UAE tourist visas, UAE family visas, UAE employment visas, and others. 

Cancellation of UAE Tourist Visa

Tourists who have received authorized UAE visas may be unsure whether they require to cancel their unutilized valid visa if they are unable to journey to the UAE for various factors. In reality, they do not require to cancel the visa. Since the UAE immigration department granted that visa a 60-day validity period beginning on the date the visitor visa was issued and that visa will instantly expire after two months. As a result, giving the cancellation fee to cancel the visa is pointless.

If, after receiving an authorized UAE visitor visa, you believe you applied for a shortened visa than the assumed duration of stay during the visit/tour OR if your corporation or family is registering for a resident entry permit, you must cancel the previous visitor visa by paying the visa fee. When required, the visa sponsor may ask and pay for the cancellation of the authorized visa.

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Cancellation of UAE Family Visa

Only via an authorized typing center or the immigration department could a sponsor of a Family visa cancel the visa. The Typing Center will fill out your cancellation form and submit it online via an online portal. Cancellation approval is usually received within an hour.

If you chose a typing center for the cancellation, you will be provided only the cancellation copy printout upon approval. However, if you want to get the cancellation seal on the passport visa page, you should either submit the cancellation immediately at the immigration branch office or carry the cancellation paper provided by the typing center along with the individual's original passport to get the cancellation stamp for free.

Documents required include: 

  • Sponsored's original passport and Sponsor
  • Sponsor's original Emirates ID
  • Application form Completed 

Cancellation of UAE Employment Visa

If you have been operating in the United Arab Emirates through an Employment visa, and you need to cancel the employment visa, then you must cancel that employment resident visa in two steps which are: 

  • Cancellation of a labor card
  • Cancellation of a resident visa

To cancel a labor card, one separate application must be filed to the Ministry of Labor, followed by another application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cancel an employment visa. This procedure should be completed by your visa sponsor (employer) and cannot be completed by you. Typically, the visa sponsor will be required to generate an original ID card, a copy of your current passport, a copy of your resident visa page, and the authorized signatory's E-signature card. Copies of the company's trade license, Labor establishment card, and Immigration establishment card. To get your employment visa canceled in UAE, you must mainly abide by the company's resignation method and maintain decent behavior with your corporation as well as the country's law.

procedure for Cancellation of UAE Employment Visa: 

  • Issuing the application at a local service center or online via the Dubai visit visa website
  • The application is signed by the sponsor/authorized signatory.
  • Providing the necessary documents and starting the process.
  • Temporary cancellation of your labor card at the Ministry of Labor and electronic transmission of the details to the GDRFA to terminate your resident visa permit
  • Consult the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs if you are a sponsor or authorized person.
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs sends an electronic verification to indefinitely cancel the labor card.

Once your UAE visa is canceled, you have 30 days to depart the nation.

Cancellation of Resident Visa For a Person Outside UAE

If you are absent from the UAE for more than six months, your Residence Visa will be instantly terminated. If your UAE visa is revoked while you are foreign, you must reapply for an Entry Permit to be permitted to return.

But even so, there are some drawbacks to canceling your visa in this manner. If you leave the nation without officially resigning, tying up all loose ends with your job, and obtaining a proper visa cancellation, your boss has the entitlement to notify you of trespassing, and you may confront legal consequences if you attempt to re-enter the UAE later.

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How Long Does it Take to Cancel The UAE Visa?

A UAE visa is normally canceled within a few days. In most situations, the procedure takes one or two business days. If your sponsor also needs to cancel your Labour Card, it may only take one more working day, for a total of three working days.

Documents Required For UAE Visa Cancellation

Once your sponsor files to have your UAE visa revoked, they must provide the following documentation:

  • Form for canceling a UAE visa, signed by the sponsor
  • Your authentic passport
  • If you are not in the UAE when your sponsor cancels your visa, he or she may also send an automated extract of your Residence Visa. The Naturalisation and Residency Department of the UAE is in control of supplying computerized visa extracts.
  • Your original identification card
  • If your employer is also your sponsor, then:
    1. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation's approval.
    2. The company stamp must be used to sign and seal the UAE visa cancellation form.


This article explored the different ways to cancel a Dubai visa. If you need to cancel your visa, there are a few different ways to do so. You can either cancel your visa through your hotel, through your airline, or through the Dubai Ministry of Interior. If you have any questions or need help canceling your visa, please contact us.