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Navigating the Detials of Maid Visa Cancellation in Dubai 2024

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First of all, a maid visa can also be referred to as a housemaid visa. Also, a maid visa performs an essential task for you if one is aspiring to be a maid in a specific country, and here we are talking about Dubai, so yes, one applies for a Dubai visa if one wants to work in Dubai and getting or applying for a Dubai visa is easy. One must remember that a maid visa is applied by the head of the individual family, usually a male, and it almost becomes evident for you to apply for a maid visa if you so desire as per your routine and work.

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Maid Visa Application Procedure

Even before applying for a Dubai maid visa, one must look out for the process and gather the documents and all the personal information. Last is when one will need to fill out the application form, provide the specific documents, pay the fee, and one is on the road to getting sponsored a Dubai maid visa.

If we go by the requirements, then it takes you-

  • An authentic visa application form.
  • A valid passport of the maid and the person sponsoring the visa.
  • Passport-sized photos of the sponsor and the maid will also be needed.
  • Health documents.
  • Bank’s three-month statements.
  • A salary certificate from the sponsor will also be needed.
  • If one applies for or sponsors a maid visa in Dubai, it will be needed.

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Do I Need to Cancel a Maid Visa?

If you are leaving Dubai, you must cancel your Dubai maid visa. Firstly, one has to go through an adequately directed process if they want to cancel a maid visa, and they can cancel it as per their needs. When it comes to cancelling a maid visa, the sponsor needs to do it and that too, 30 days from the visa's expiry date so that you can get it cancelled without any further complications. But if the sponsor fails to cancel the visa, a fine will likely be imposed on the person, which will not be much but likely affordable.

Cancellation of Dubai Maid Visa

House Maid Visa Cancellation simply means to cancel or terminate the maid's visa and work period. If you want, you can cancel a maid's visa if they find any unsatisfactory remarks from the maid's side. You can also cancel it, whether it be any kind, and it’s ultimately your choice whether you want to keep the maid.

Before Cancelling the Domestic Helper Work Permit, one must know that the sponsor can only do it. It can be cancelled only during the validity of the visa, and the sponsor is not allowed to cancel it once the validity of the maid visa expires, or you will be asked to pay the fine as stated above.

Steps for the Cancellation of Dubai Maid Visa

  • One must first visit the immigration department at the Dubai Naturalization and the Residency Department, which is, of course, a registered typing centre, or one can also visit online for the same.
  • Next is when you must choose the visa type you need to cancel, such as the maid visa cancellation.
  • Now is when the sponsor needs to submit all the documentation, including the maid’s passport, her ticket to her home country, and the labour card.
  • One will then be needed to receive the cancellation form.
  • Lastly, the maid's visa will be cancelled, and you will get back the deposits. Don’t forget to take the maid to the airport on her departure day with the passport and urgent documentation.

The visa cancellation process is such a long one, and it requires your full attention and time if you want to apply for the cancellation of a married visa. Also, you have to go through all the documentation and a lengthy procedure, but first, make it clear to yourself if it’s necessary to cancel the visa, and if not, please don’t proceed further and trouble yourself. And the other thing you can do to ease yourself is transfer it to a new sponsor. 

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Cost of the Cancellation Maid Visa  

The cancellation fee is AED 251 for workers still within the country and AED 264 for those outside the country for over 3 months. It's important to note that these fees may be subject to change, and individuals should verify the current rates with the relevant authorities.


Anyone in Dubai who wants to cancel the maid visa can proceed without issue. Still, they must remember that it’s a process that contains all the hassle, so please proceed step by step and don’t forget to have all the proper documents in hand to go through the process and fasten it. And even before the cancellation, one must research what they need to get the maid visa cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques- What is the validity duration for a maid visa in the UAE?
Ans- The UAE Tadbeer visa is initially valid for one year and requires annual renewal to maintain its validity. It is imperative to undergo the renewal process each year to ensure continuous compliance with immigration regulations.

Ques- What is the process for cancelling a Maid Visa if the worker is still in the country
Ans- To cancel a Maid Visa when the worker is in the country, the employer must visit the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) office, submit required documents, and settle any outstanding dues.

Ques- Are there any penalties for not cancelling the Maid Visa on time?
Ans- There can be penalties for not cancelling the Maid Visa on time in the UAE. It's essential to adhere to the designated timelines to avoid potential fines or legal consequences.

Ques- What happens if the maid overstays after the visa cancellation?
Ans- If the maid overstays after the visa cancellation in the UAE, it can lead to legal consequences, fines, and potential difficulties in future visa applications. It's crucial to comply with visa regulations and timelines.

Ques-Is the cancellation procedure different for maids who have been outside the country for more than 3 months?
Ans- Yes, the cancellation procedure may differ for maids outside the country for more than 3 months. It's advisable to check with the relevant authorities for specific guidelines in such cases.

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