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How to file a labor compliant

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Dubai has been a well-established economically stable country, it offers job opportunities to applicants who are been holding a minimum academic knowledge, all the work permits are been acceptable by following the MOHRE and GCC authorities’ terms and rules. The Dubai embassy is been working to the sufficient help providing to the workers who are been unfairly demoted in their work field. The MOHRE mainly helps the workers and employees if they are been misled, dominated, tortured, or not getting payments for their long-time work services in their work firms.  

MOHRE mainly means the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization of the United Arab Emirates country. They mainly manage and define a law that the employee must have maintained good work circumstances, discipline in their work, maintain a healthy employment relationship, etc. For more details updates on MOHRE labor, you can have a look at your official website of the emirates country that is the Dubai visits visa site.

Dubai Labour Complaint

If any of the workers are been facing some serious issues, or not been able to work in a proper work atmosphere, are dominated, tortured, or not getting payments for their long-time work services. For filing a complaint, you can follow the steps-

  • Can communicate the MOHRE hotline service or can communicate by calling or making an appointment.
  • Or you can digitally apply for the complaint by downloading the MOHRE app and there you can file your problem diaries.
  • For getting the detail of filing the complaint you can take our site help by only visiting our website Dubai visits visa.

Apply to proceed-

  1. Need to visit the MOHRE app or website.
  2. Need to create an account by providing all the employment details and workplace location where they are been working.
  3. Have to file the exact problem the applicant is been facing.
  4. Need to provide the employee id or the labor id permits.
  5. Within 48 hours the complaint will be taken over by the MOHRE authorities and trying to solve.

Twa-fouq About

What is referred to by the term Twa-fouq, it be the service licensed help provider where the complaint is been entered. This is mainly been used up by the employees and workers who are been serving in the emirate’s country. They investigate the actual truth of the complaint, and then only they serve and recommend the queries of labor problem to the MOHRE authorities. As all the decisions and solutions are been only conveyed by the judiciary of the MOHRE authorities.


 Filing Labour Complaint

The steps have been followed for filing the complaint in the emirates MOHRE authority’s ministry affairs-

  • The applicant has to dispute a complete file of application regarding their problems.
  • This will be rechecked and will verify its authenticity and then only it will be directed to the MOHRE authorities.
  • Within 1 week the action will be taken and the workers must be present on the day of the survey and the solution concerned will be taken.
  • Both the parties' mutual understanding needs to be diaries, and if any disputes are been followed in the future severe action will be taken concerning that firm.
  • A claim of notification will be provided on which date both the parties need to be present for the mutual discussion and scope of solvation of the problem faced by the labor executives.
  • After that, the judge will pass a decision and that should be maintained.

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It has details about the MOHRE labor filling a complaint proceeding, and on what basis labor can use for it. It has mentioned what are the methods required to be followed for filing a complaint, and for booking your work visa you can visit our official Dubai visa booking site which is Dubai visits visa.

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