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changes in uae visa 2022

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Dubai is well-known for modern tourist destinations including the Burj Khalifa (the globe's tallest structure) and retail malls with massive aquariums and artificial ski slopes. However, this city offers numerous cultural attractions and activities to do, in addition to all of the dazzling modern add-ons.

To promote tourism and make the stay and visit of the foreigners more efficient, the UAE government keeps updating the visa policies of the country. In this article, we will take a look at the updated UAE visa policies for the year 2022.

What Is Dubai Visa?

Foreigners needed a Dubai visa to come into the country. This documentation allows you to lawfully fly to and remain in Dubai for a fixed timeframe. If you are a foreigner traveling to Dubai for just about any reason, you must obtain this visa. If you have a legitimate Dubai visa, you could also transit through the airport's global terminals.

Types Of Dubai Visa

  • Visa for Study

A study visa, as even the term suggests, allows a non-UAE resident to learn or practice in Dubai. If you are travelling to Dubai for higher study or vocational courses, a UAE-based institution can support your studies as well as your visa if necessary.

  • Permit to Work

A work permit is provided by the Labour Ministry in Dubai to persons seeking a job. If you are entering a business in Dubai, your employer must request a visa, and you must include at least 18 years old and under 60 years old to be qualified.

  • Visa for Service

A service visa permits anyone to visit the UAE to conduct commercial operations in Dubai or to provide business services to a firm. These personnel might be sales executives, account auditors, or anybody else who has to travel to the city for job reasons for a set amount of time.

  • Medical Authorization

If you are ill and wish to go to Dubai for medical attention, you should get medical care permission in terms of health care at a Dubai hospital. As a result, international residents can use the medical services in Dubai. Because certain treatments might be lengthy, the permit allows for both single and multiple admissions.

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UAE'S New Visa Rules And Changes Applied

The UAE has launched a new liberalized Entry and Settlement Scheme, which incorporates additional classes and expands the reach of recipients. The initiative aims to improve the country's tourist, financial, and academic efficiency. 

The UAE has changed the Golden Residence criterion as an element of the revised Entry and Residence Scheme in selecting and recruiting and retaining top talents. The list of eligible persons has been expanded to include additional benefits including a 10-year continuous residence duration.

AIM Of These New Visa Rules And Changes

Golden Visas

The UAE's leaders seek to recruit more skilled individuals, individuals with credentials in medical and research, as well as the smartest students and tech-savvy brains.

Rich individuals, businessmen, and business owners are in high demand. Authorities hope people will settle down, own property, and make the nation their permanent home. However, the wide choice of ten visa options may assist many citizens and those wishing to settle in the nation.


Green Visas

Green Visas, which have been intended for skilled professionals, freelancers, as well as the self-employed, fall within the middle-income category. These would offer the possessor residence for 5 years.


There seems to be no explicit provision for obtaining special visas for low-income and low-skilled employees. However, jobseeker and 5 year multi-entry visas could be beneficial to persons who want to relocate to the UAE or join relatives here.

Family Sponsorship

The year before, officials changed the sponsorship age for male children from 18 to 25. Monday's judgment looks to confirm this while also adding additional measures allowing parents with impaired children to sponsor their disabled children into maturity. Single daughters can be sponsored by their parents at any age.



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