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Dubai is situated on the eastern bank of the Arabian Peninsula and in the southwest corner of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai has a high tourism rate and not only tourism, but the country also makes billions of dollars every year through its massive business empire. People from all over the world visit Dubai every year for different purposes. Some people visit Dubai to explore, some for employment reasons, and some visit for business purposes. It is important to tell your motive while applying for a visa because specific visas are given to applicants according to their needs and desire to visit. Today in this article we are going to read about “Where to check Dubai visa fine online”. 

Dubai Visa Types 

Dubai visa agency provides applicants with different types of visas like:

  • People visiting Dubai as tourists will get a Tourist visa.
  • People visiting Dubai for employment purposes get an Employment visa.
  • People visiting Dubai for business purposes get a Business visa/Investor visa.
  • People visiting Dubai for education purposes get an Education visa. 

There are some more visa types available, all these visa types have different visa fees and stay validity. 

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What is an Overstaying Visa Fine? 

At the point when your visa span concludes and you stay additional days without broadening your visa, you will be accused of outstanding fines in the UAE that must be settled at the hour of exit.

Dubai Visa Fine (Overstaying)

Visit visa and Tourist visa holders are given an elegance time of 10 days. If the visa holder outstays without leaving the nation or broadens their visa inside this multi-day effortlessness period will be fined with:

  • 200 AED for the main day of outstaying.
  • 200 AED for the principal day of outstaying.
  • 100 AED Processing charge.

UAE occupant visa holders are dispensed a multi-day effortlessness period after the visa has terminated. During this period they can decide to change their status, get another home visa or leave the country. Fines aren't charged during the effortless time frame. Fines will be relevant solely after the elegance period is finished and will be fined with:

  • 125 AED for the main day of exceeding.
  • 25 AED each day of outstaying from the second day onwards.
  • 50 AED each day if outstaying following a half year.
  • 100 AED each day if exceeding following one year.

How to check Dubai Visa Fine?

To check visa fines in UAE, applicants need to visit the ICA official website. For visit and residence visa holders.

  • The very first step is to visit the official website of ICA. Once you visit here, you can find “public services” and click on it. (Homepage may differ on different devices like tablets, phones, and laptops).
  • Once you click on the public services option, you will see “fines' ' and along with that, you can easily pay the fine option.
  • There is a Start button in pay fine options, you can begin the process by clicking on the start button. 

You need to enter some details like:

  • File Number
  • Department number 
  • Serial number
  • Sequence number
  • DOB
  • Click SEARCH 

The website system will check if your entered details are correct or not, if it's incorrect then you need to begin the procedure again. If your entered details are correct then the system will show all your fine details on your screen.


This article was about the Dubai Visa Fine online, you can get all the required information on Where to check the Dubai visa fine online. It is advisable not to visit any website other than UAE's official website. Fines can also be deducted or canceled but it depends on your condition.

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