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uae temporary employment visa for 6 months

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When you're visiting the UAE, it then becomes really important for you to know about the country that you're visiting and when you’re working in it. You also should be aware of the whole scenario and the current condition of the country so that it can provide you with a better environment for working. The UAE is one of the countries that has the best economic conditions and it is growing day by day economic conditions. Many people around the world are visiting the UAE to get work and to get employed, and if you are also looking for the same, then you’re welcome to the country, and yes, you have chosen the right country for your work.

UAE six-month temporary employment visa

The very first thing which is important to you is that you must apply well in advance for a temporary employment visa to the UAE if you’re working in the UAE or if you are planning to work in the UAE this time. Getting a visa pass is as important as anything, and of course, if you are among the citizens of the countries that have not been given visa-free access to Dubai, it then becomes really important for you to apply for a UAE six-month temporary employment visa before you visit the UAE.

What is a six-month temporary employment visa?

From the name, it’s very clear that a temporary employment visa is valid for a specific amount of time and gives you a temporary work permit or employment permit in the UAE. Temporary employment visas to the UAE are for people who want to work in the United Arab Emirates for a set amount of time and are not regarded as permanent or indefinite in the UAE. The potential employer must first file a petition with UAE Citizenship and Immigration Services for a temporary employment visa and then only the applicant's entry can be regarded as legal in the UAE and he/she can then work there for the amount of time that they want to.

Requirements for a UAE temporary employment visa for 6 months

1. A visa application form has to be filled in by the applicant with all the information and that too, in the correct manner.

2. One has to also provide their personal information such as their full name, citizenship country, date of birth, etc.

3. A valid passport of the applicant applying for temporary employment is also needed, and the passport has to have an availability of at least six months from the date of arrival in the UAE. The passport needs to have at least two blank pages to get the visa stamped.

4. The applicant also needs to have 2-3 passport-sized photographs, and the passport-sized photographs are to be brightly colored and should not be older than three months.

5. The applicant should also have bank statements and that too, healthy bank statements for at least six months.

6. A copy of the first and last pages of the passport is also needed.

7. One has to also have a job offer or employment contract.

All the citizens of any country who are applying for a six-month temporary employment visa will then need to pay 640 AED, which is 13,512 INR. And the payment for the visa is the second step if we talk about making of a temporary employment visa to Dubai. 

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Now that you know about the application for a UAE six-month temporary employment visa, it then becomes easy for you to apply for the same in a short period only. You just need to have the correct details and the documentation. Lastly, you are good to go to the UAE and can work temporarily. If you want to extend the time, you can apply for an extension visa.

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