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Steps To Apply 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

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What Is Transit Visa

A transit visa is been used for a short-term temporary entry purpose, depending on the traveler destination and nationality the traveler should apply for the transit visa category, for getting connected with the foreign country the transit visa is a required factor.

The common two variant type required for the entry purpose is 

  • Transit visa for Airport 
  • Transit visa for a short stay

For the international airport entry, you need to precise the transit visa for the entering purpose. This is not applicable for all the travelers, in other relevant definitions, we can depict that it is required for entering one non-Schengen territorial land to another non-Schengen territory. The maximum legal period sanctioned for the transit visa stay is for 3 days.

Dubai Transit Visa 48 Hours 

Do you know that the Dubai embassy is been offering a transit visa policy to all the tourist travelers who are traveling with the transit visa policy, and 48 hours transit visas are been offered of cost to the people traveling for Dubai? This is a piece of great news for those travelers who use to leave in a UAE country but have to provide a transit visa for their work purpose in Dubai or temporary Dubai traveling. Dubai embassy offers visa entry to some of the nationalists for getting more information on it you must read the full description on the Dubai Visit Visa Online site; this will give the travelers a monetary transition idea for the Dubai visiting.

Here I will give an overview of all the transit visa available policies and declarations-

  • Dubai Transit Visa 48 Hours 
  • Dubai transit visa for those travelers who are traveling with visa on arrival categories
  • what is the Dubai Transit Visa 48 Hours applying process?
  • and what are the documents essential for getting the transit visa.

Dubai Transit Visa For 48 Hours

It this been conditional that any nationalist of any country can access the transit visa for 48 hours , thispolicy is only been applicable for tourists who are traveling in Dubai city. As it been declared by the Dubai embassy, Dubai city will grant 48 hours transit visas to foreign travelers, but for 96 hours transit visa price will be charged from the travelers, in fact, the UAE nationalist also has to pay for it.

In general terms, this visa privilege is been conditioned by the United Arab Emirates embassy, so that the foreigner can achieve some extra vagueness and initially gain from their industrial platform.  


This transit visa (for 48 hours) is been issued for those travelers who are not traveling with the policy of visa on arrival. The traveler if traveling with visa on arrival then they will get the privilege of visa entry for both the types, that is 

  • 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa
  • 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Dubai Transit Visa Apply Online

The transit visa can be booked in advance, the applicant is been advised that they must check all the plans and terminals before applying for any variant visa types. In general terms, it has been suggestive to view the visa necessary news from some recommend and authorized platform, you can prefer Dubai Visit Visa Online site; for this purpose.

Transit Visa Conditions

It has been declared as per the visa terms and conditions that the traveler cannot stay more than 2 days with the transit visa 48 hours policy, if they stay, they have to give a fine, their flight might get canceled. Over-stay serve as an illegal practice as per any country embassy rule. It can have compensation on the traveler’s next trip.

Dubai United Arab Emirates

The United Arab country is been independent and been situated in the Arabian Peninsula, it been border by the areas of Saudi and Oman. It has been recognized as the federation leading country and been joined in a federation with Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Though all the facts Abu Dhabi is been the capital city of all this sic federation emirates.

It is the zone where the modern and international events are being traded and organized it has been the trade export and transports hubs and been the wealthiest emirates of the country.

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