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Understanding the Difference Between Emirates ID and UAE Visa

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The residence visa for UAE is the permit that allows you to live in UAE. Depending on the type of UAE residence visa you apply for, you can work, study, or move in with an existing family member.

The Emirates ID is a personal identification card necessary for all commercial transactions such as account opening, apartment renting and automobile buying. You can only acquire the Emirates ID after getting a positive medical test. Both documents are necessary to conduct any business in the United Arab Emirates.

Understanding Emirates ID

Dubai Emirates ID, officially known as the Emirates Identity Authority Card (EIDA), is a cornerstone of the UAE's identification system. This mandatory card is issued to all residents, including expatriates and Emirati nationals, and serves as a definitive proof of identity across various transactions.

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Remarkable Features of Emirates ID

The Emirates ID, administered by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), is not merely a plastic card but a sophisticated identification system, seamlessly integrating advanced features to ensure security and convenience for residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Let's delve into the remarkable features that make the Digital Emirates ID a standout document.

1. Biometric Brilliance

The Biometric Emirates ID employs state-of-the-art technology, utilizing unique physical characteristics like fingerprints and facial features for secure and precise identification. This ensures an unparalleled level of accuracy in confirming an individual's identity, setting a gold standard for secure identification. 

2. Multi-functional Marvel

The Emirates ID is not confined to being a mere identification card. It is a versatile access card, unlocking many governmental and private services. From accessing healthcare facilities to completing banking transactions, the Emirates ID streamlines daily life, epitomizing efficiency and convenience.

3. Personalized Information

Every Emirates ID is a personalized repository of crucial information. It includes details such as the individual's full name, date of birth, nationality, and a unique identification number. This comprehensive compilation ensures the cardholder's identity is unequivocally established in any given scenario.

4. Validity Period and Renewal

Emirates IDs are issued with a defined validity period. Residents must be vigilant about the expiration date and initiate the renewal process promptly. This proactive approach ensures compliance with legal requirements and eliminates the risk of facing penalties for an expired ID.

5. Secure Chip Technology

The Emirates ID employs state-of-the-art secure chip technology. This embedded chip stores and encrypts the cardholder's data, protecting unauthorized access or tampering. The secure chip technology contributes significantly to the overall robustness of the identification system.

6. Digital Authentication

In a time marked by rapid digital progress, Emirates ID stays current by providing advanced digital authentication features. This means that the cardholder can, in certain instances, use their Emirates ID for online verification, reinforcing the document's utility in various domains.

7. Integration with Services

Emirates ID integrates with numerous governmental and private services, fostering a cohesive and interconnected system. Whether accessing public services, participating in elections, or conducting financial transactions, the Emirates ID is the key that opens doors across a spectrum of activities.

8. Emergency Contact Information

To boost the safety and welfare of residents, the Emirates ID incorporates measures for including emergency contact information. This ensures that relevant parties can be swiftly notified in case of an unforeseen event, underscoring the document's commitment to the welfare of the cardholder.

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What is the Purpose of the UAE Visa?

The purpose of the UAE visa is to regulate and facilitate the entry of foreign nationals into the United Arab Emirates for various reasons, such as tourism, business, employment, or family reunification. It is an official authorization granted by the UAE government, allowing individuals from other countries to enter and stay in the UAE for a specified period and specific purposes. Different types of visas are available to cater to the diverse needs of visitors, ensuring proper documentation and adherence to the country's immigration regulations.

How Do You Get an Emirates ID?

Applying for an Emirates ID through the Dubai Visit Visa Online portal is straightforward, with a few essential steps.

  • First, visit the official portal for information about visa applications and Emirates ID services.
  • Next, contact the Dubai Visit Visa Team via phone at +971-523727853 or email at sales@dubaivisitvisa.online using the provided details.
  • This allows you to ask questions and get guidance on the Emirates ID application process, including the required documents.
  • By contacting the Dubai Visit Visa Team, you can make the application process smoother and better understand how to obtain your Emirates ID through the Dubai Visit Visa platform.

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What Do You Use The Emirates ID For?

The UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues Emirates ID cards. All UAE nationals and residents are legally required to apply for the Emirates ID.

The Emirates ID serves multiple purposes, making it an essential document for residents in the United Arab Emirates. Here are several reasons why having an Emirates ID is necessary:

1. Identification: The Emirates ID is a primary means of personal identification, providing proof of identity for individuals in various transactions and interactions.

2. Residency Verification: It serves as proof of residency status, indicating that the cardholder is a legal resident of the UAE.

3. Access to Government Services: The Emirates ID is often required to access and avail of various government services, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs.

4. Financial Transactions: It is commonly used for financial transactions, including opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and conducting other financial activities.

5. Employment: The Emirates ID is a crucial document for employment purposes, as it is often required for job applications, work permits, and other work-related processes.

6. Travel within the UAE: It is required for domestic travel within the UAE, especially for activities such as hotel check-ins, car rentals, and other travel-related services.

7. Security Clearance: The Emirates ID is sometimes necessary for security clearances and background checks, particularly for individuals working in sensitive sectors.

8. Healthcare Services: It is used to access healthcare services, including hospital visits, appointments, and prescription pickups.

9. Vehicle Ownership: When owning a vehicle, the Emirates ID is required for various transactions related to vehicle registration, renewal, and ownership transfers.

10. Official Documentation: The Emirates ID is often required for official documentation, such as applying for visas, licenses, and permits.

How Do You Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Emirates ID Card?

If you misplaced or damaged your Emirates ID or Visa, or maybe it got stolen through a series of unfortunate events, you need to get it immediately replaced. You must immediately obtain a replacement Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity.

To get the ID replaced:

  • You must first report the incident in case of theft.
  • Then you need to apply for the replacement
  • After the application, you must pay the fees and collect the new card.4

Emirates ID Fee

The Cost of Emirates ID in Dubai varies by nationality. Here's the breakdown for UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and residents/ex-pats, including card issuance, service, typing centre fees, and urgent service charges.

1. For UAE Nationals:

  • 5 years card issuance fee: AED 100
  • 10 years card issuance fee: AED 200
  • Service fee: AED 50
  • Typing centre fee: AED 30
  • Urgent service (customer happiness centres): AED 150

2. For GCC Nationals:

  • 5 years card issuance fee: AED 100
  • Service fee: AED 150
  • Typing centre fee: AED 30
  • Urgent service (customer happiness centres): AED 150

3. For Residents/Expats:

  • 5 years card issuance fee (varies with years): AED 100
  • Service fee: AED 150
  • Typing centre fee: AED 30
  • Urgent service (customer happiness centres): AED 150

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Emirates ID Revolutionizes Visa Stickers on Passports

The Emirates ID has not only evolved into a vital identification document in the United Arab Emirates but has also played a key role in simplifying administrative procedures. One noteworthy change is the replacement of residency visa stickers on passports with the integration of the residency information into the UAE ID card. This transition enhances efficiency and minimizes the need for physical stickers on passports, providing a more modern and secure approach to managing residency status. The Emirates ID's multifunctionality demonstrates the UAE's commitment to technological advancements and simplifying administrative procedures for residents and authorities alike.


The UAE visa is the permit that allows you to enter and stay in Dubai for a set period. The UAE residence visa is the permit that allows you to live in Dubai for years. The Emirates ID is the Identification that instates your title as an official citizen of the United Arab Emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What documents are needed to renew a passport for a UAE citizen?
Ans- To renew a passport for a UAE citizen, the following documents are typically required:

  • Current Passport: The existing passport that needs to be renewed.
  • Emirates ID:  A valid Emirates ID card.
  • Passport Photos: Recent passport-sized photographs meet the specified criteria.
  • Application Form: Completed passport renewal application form.
  • Residency Proof: A copy of the residency visa may be necessary for expatriates.
  • Fee Payment: Payment of the applicable renewal fee.

Before initiating the passport renewal process, checking with the relevant authorities or the official website for any additional or updated requirements is advisable.

Ques- Is Emirates ID linked to a Residence Visa?
Ans- Yes, the Emirates ID is intricately connected to the residence visa in the UAE. Obtaining a residence visa mandates the application for an Emirates ID, serving as vital proof of identity and residency. This integration simplifies administrative processes, providing individuals with a unified identification and residency proof document.

Ques- Can I travel using only my Emirates ID?
Ans- Using solely an Emirates ID is feasible for UAE residents, but it's essential to be aware that, currently, travel is limited to within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Ques- How long does the Emirates ID application take to process?
Ans- It usually takes 7 to 14 working days to process an Emirates ID application. However, processing times may vary, and applicants can track the status of their application online for real-time updates.

Ques- How can I check the status of my Emirates ID application?
Ans- To check the status of your Emirates ID application, please contact the Dubai Visit Visa Online Team through the provided contact details on their official portal. Reach out to them via phone at +971-523727853 or email and inquire about the current status of your Emirates ID application. 

Ques- Are there any penalties for not having or renewing an Emirates ID on time?
Ans- The Emirates ID card is a crucial document for both citizens and expatriates in the country. If an individual neglects to obtain or renew the ID card within 30 days of expiration, a daily fine of Dh20 will be levied. The highest fine that may be imposed is Dh1,000.

Ques- What is the Validity Period of an Emirates ID? 
Ans- The validity period of an Emirates ID is typically five years for citizens and residents in the United Arab Emirates.

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