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difference between emirates id and uae visa

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The residence visa for UAE is the permit that allows you to live in UAE. Depending on the type of UAE residence visa you apply for you can either work, study, or move in with an existing family member in the UAE.

The Emirates ID is a personal identification card that is necessary for all commercial transactions such as account opening, apartment renting and automobile buying. The Emirates ID is something you can only acquire after getting a positive medical test. Both documents are very necessary to carry out any business in the United Arab Emirates.

How to apply for a residence visa in UAE?

There are five types of residence visas you can apply for in the UAE:

  • UAE work visa
  • UAE student visa
  • UAE family visa
  • UAE investment visa
  • UAE retirement visa

To apply for these visas you need to have a valid passport of your country, a sponsor to validate you, proof of your sponsor's lawful residency/citizenship in the United Arab Emirates, and proof that you underwent a full medical test and passed it.

You can apply for these visas either at the UAE embassy in your country. You must apply for a Residence Visa once you have arrived in the UAE, which means you must first get entrance permission. In most situations, you cannot apply for a resident visa on your own, just as you cannot apply for an entrance permit: you must have a sponsor, such as your employer, spouse, or another family member, apply on your behalf.

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What is the purpose of the UAE visa?

Foreign nationals are required a Dubai visa to enter the country. This document allows you to go to Dubai lawfully and stay for a set period.

How do you get an Emirates ID?

The applicant is required to fill out an e-Form at one of the authorized typing centers. They can also use the online form accessible on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's website to obtain an Emirates ID card (FAIC). The application will be followed by a text message with instructions on when and where to register. To complete the formalities, the applicant must go to the registration center mentioned in the text.

If you are in urgent need of your Emirates ID then you can expedite the process and obtain the ID in under 24 hours. To do this you have to avail the service known as ‘Fawri’. This service is only applicable when the recipient is a UAE or GCC national. For non GCC and UAE nationals, this service is only applicable when they need their card renewed or replaced. A first-time registration will not be expedited for non GCC and UAE nationals.

What do you use the emirates ID for?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues Emirates ID cards. All UAE nationals and residents are required by law to apply for the Emirates ID. They are also required to carry it with them at all times.

The uses of Emirates ID are:

  • To obtain government services
  • To participate in Federal National Council elections
  • As a travel document for UAE nationals traveling within the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • As a document to get through immigration at many UAE airports' e-Gates and smart gates.

What features does the Emirates Id card have?

The following components make up the Emirates ID card, which provides the greatest levels of accuracy and security. The elements are as follows:

  • Infrastructure for smart cards and public keys (Digital signature and authentication certificates).
  • Biometrics based on fingerprints.

How to replace an Emirates ID card that has been lost, stolen, or damaged?

If you have misplaced or damaged your Emirates ID, or maybe it got stolen through a series of unfortunate events then you need to get it immediately replaced. You must obtain an Emirates ID card replacement as soon as possible from the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity.

To get the ID replaced:

  • You must first report the incident in case of theft.
  • Then you need to apply for the replacement
  • After the application, you must pay the fees and collect the new card.


The UAE visa is the permit that allows you to enter and stay in Dubai for a set period. The UAE residence visa is the permit that allows you to live in Dubai for years. The Emirates ID is the Identification that instates your title as an official citizen of the United Arab Emirates.

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