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these are the 10 types of dubai residence visas in 2022

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A UAE residency visa is permission that permits foreign individuals to dwell in this nation for a considerable length of time. The visa could be eligible for 2-3 or perhaps even ten years and might be extended on as many occasions as the individual requires. Many overseas families residing in the Emirates for decades, merely kept on updating their visas frequently.

There is no such thing as a permanent residence in the UAE. Becoming a UAE legal resident generally signifies a visa stamp on your passport and continuously residing in this nation.


How To Gain Residency In UAE?

There are several methods to gain UAE resident status:

  • Establish a company in the UAE.
  • Get employed.
  • Create a freelancing passport in Dubai or one of the other Emirates.
  • Register at a university or institution.
  • Be reliant (it can be a child or a retired parent of a resident).
  • Possess property worth more than 1 million AED.
  • The UAE Golden Visa.
  • Retired people can apply for a resident visa in the UAE.

The Procedure For Getting UAE Residency

The UAE residence visa is not an independent document and requires you to have proof of the reason for your stay in the UAE. Hence, you would require a certain type of visa issued on your name, and later on the basis of your requirement, you are issued a residence visa.

If you are applying for a business visa, the procedure is as follows:

  • Formation of a corporation.
  • Obtaining a foundation license (it’s an immigrational certificate of your firm which permits you to begin visa applications).
  • Getting an entrance visa (a prerequisite of a resident visa, which is done at its initial stage).
  • Filing a request for an Emirates ID and undergoing medical testing.
  • Put the visa mark on your passport.


10 Types Of Dubai Residence Visa

  • A standard place of employment

This is a standard work visa that is valid for 2 years.

  • Green card for skilled workers

A sponsor or company is not required for a 5-year residence. Candidates must have a legitimate employment agreement and be categorized in the Department of Human Resources and Emiratization’s first, second, or third organization based. A bachelor's degree or comparable is required, and their annual pay cannot be anything less than Dh15,000.

  • Green card for independent contractors

This program promotes flexible work schedules. A sponsor or company is not required for the 5-year residence for freelancing and self-employed persons. The candidate would have to apply to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for a freelance/self-employment license. 

A bachelor's degree or specialized diploma is required, and the yearly revenue from self-employment for the preceding two years must be below Dh360,000. Conversely, the candidate may establish financial health during his/her residence in the nation.

  • Green cards for investors and financial partners

Investors can stay for five years to develop or take part in business activities. Formerly, residence in this group was limited to two years. Candidates would be required to provide authorization as well as proof of funding.

  • Students' educational citizenship

This two-year resident status is for people studying in academic institutions. It is supported by a UAE-licensed educational institution.

  • Visa for family members

Citizens of the UAE can support their relatives, including boys under the age of 25 and single girls of any age. Kids of determination, whatever of age, are awarded a residence visa. Green Visa bearers are eligible to sponsor first-degree relatives. The period of relatives and friends' residence is the same as that of their benefactors.

  • Retirement

It is valid for five years. Officials have already specified several conditions for obtaining residences, such as assets or active earnings.

  • Work from home

The one-year visa permits bearers to reside in the UAE despite working for a company located far outside the UAE.

  • Real Estate owners

This is a two years residency for the real estate owners in Dubai.

  • Humanitarian situations

There are three types of legal residency to cater to humanitarian-related situations:

  1. A female citizen whose spouse died and she has one or more kids.
  2. Parents or kids of UAE nationals who possess travel documents.
  3. Spouses or kids of GCC nationals who have foreign passports.



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