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budx fifa fans festival dubai

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Dubai will host one of the three top international FIFA fan festivals at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Up to 10,000 fans will gather daily at Dubai Harbour, a lovely coastal neighborhood, in front of an iconic backdrop. Seoul, London, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and So Paulo will also host the FIFA Fan Festival.
Watching every minute of this year's FIFA World Cup game on enormous, custom-designed displays measuring 330 sq. m and outfitted with cutting-edge 4D audio will allow fans to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of the matches and cheer alongside spectators from all over the world with each goal. The A.B. InBev and its flagship brand Budweiser will host the BUDX FIFA Fan festival, featuring live entertainment and cutting-edge technology.  

What to do at the BudX festival:

You've been missing out if you still need to go to the BudX FIFA Fan Festival Dubai. Football fans may enjoy the most magnificent backdrop while watching every play of every game on the 330 sq m screen with 4D audio and immersive sound in the breathtaking Dubai Harbour. Fans can enjoy taking in the breathtaking brilliant lights of the glittering Dubai cityscape or staring out on the crystal-clear seas of the Arabian Gulf during breaks in the day or night's intense football action. Here is what to anticipate when you visit The Official BudX FIFA Fan Festival Dubai: a variety of exciting activations, live entertainment, delectable F&B, and the chance to meet some absolute sporting legends.   

Live Entertainment

The BudX FIFA Fan Festival stage comes alive every night with prominent local and international bands if you're seeking live music. A South African D.J. duo from TxCon on December 4 has already been scheduled to perform. T.T.C., who has played worldwide, have a strong rapport with one another and put on memorable sets at events and clubs. It will undoubtedly cause a stir both locally and globally and become an iconic set of epic proportions. The BudX FIFA Fan Festival Dubai stage will also host the Brazilian musician Ludmilla on December 5. There is also the Pure White pop-up venue, which comes to life every Thursday through Sunday with various great acts worldwide. This distinctive venue is excellent for partying the night away after watching enough sports.

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Football Legends  

This is your best option if you're a fan who wants to know some of the all-time greats in the sport. Throughout the World Cup, some of the most significant football figures will stop by the location for meet-and-greets, Q&A sessions, and possible performances. The Golden Generation of Spain's David Villa, Iker Casillas, and the great Kaka of Brazil have already indicated their intention to participate in the coming weeks. There will be many more announcements in the upcoming days, so keep your ears and eyes open.  At this excellent stadium, football fans may experience an unrivalled viewing environment in beautiful surroundings. Fans may display their talents in between games on the Adidas-built pitch at Al Rihla Arena.
BudX FIFA Fan Festival attendees won't go hungry because there will be various food and drink vendors to provide for their needs. They offer a large selection of food, such as juicy burgers, grilled meats, delicious pizza, succulent wings, nachos, pies, and more. Thanks to the wide variety of delicious specialty beverages provided, there won't be any excuse to leave from the opening kickoff to the day's final whistle.

Options for Purchasing Tickets

You must buy tickets for every game before they are all sold out. Many ticketing options offer all-day passes that let guests come and go as they like all day long. For an even more exclusive experience, V.I.P. tables, lounges, or hospitality suites are also available.  Take in the action of all 64 games over 23 match days on our 330 sq. m screen with an unrivalled live 4D audio broadcast that is unlike anything you've ever heard in a World Cup fan zone. For an immersive viewing experience against the gorgeous Dubai cityscape, football fans will be immersed inside the stadiums in the heart of the action.  
More than 10,000 football fans will be present at the Dubai Harbour location daily, delivering vigour and enthusiasm around the globe. A lineup of international and local artists, D.J.s, and FIFA football superstars will provide fans with various unique football experiences before, during, and after each game.  
Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will bring fans as close to the FIFA World Cup as possible by combining entertainment, music, games, food trucks, and beverages.  

Opening Times

  1. 20 November | 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.  
  2. 29 November to 18 December | 04:00pm - 03:00am 21 November | 03:00pm - 03:00am 22 to 28 November | 12:00 p.m. - 03:00am   

Keep in mind that the establishment only welcomes guests of at least 21. Dubai tickets for the BudX FIFA Fan Festival are now available.  
Many ticketing options offer all-day passes that let guests come and go as they like all day long. To make the experience even more memorable, there are also V.I.P. or hospitality suites available, enabling guests to take advantage of the excitement and feel like a celebrity. 
For as little as AED 75, fans over 21 can purchase tickets on the Platinum list, which provide access to all games and the stadium throughout the day. Starting at AED 125, premium packages are available, which include access to the Premium Zone throughout the day and a beverages area.   

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Everyone's Admission/Day Pass  

  • 24/7 access to the grounds and games is AED 75 (excluding V.A.T.  
  • Day Pass/Premium Entrance
  • All-day access to the exclusive bars and general area of the Premium Zone.  
  • Not including V.A.T: 125 AED  

4-person high table  

Twenty-four bottles of beer, one bottle of liquor, four bottles of wine, or a high table for eight are available with a four-person high table for two hours. It includes all-day access to the premium zone and common area.  

  • Group Stage: 1,600 AED (V.A.T. excluded)  
  • Round of 16: 1,920 AED (V.A.T. excluded)  
  • Without V.A.T., third place and the quarterfinals are worth AED 2,305.
  • Finals: 2,765 AED (V.A.T. excluded).  
  • Final: 3,320 AED (V.A.T. excluded).  

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