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what are the procedure to get a Dubai Freelance Visa

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Dubai has emerged as a thriving hub for freelancers from around the world. Freelancers can find ample opportunities in its booming economy and diverse job market. One of the essential requirements for freelancers in Dubai is obtaining a freelance visa. An overview of the requirements and process for obtaining a Dubai freelance visa can be found in this document.

What is a Dubai freelance visa?

In Dubai, freelance visas are legal documents that allow individuals to work as freelancers without signing a full-time employment contract. It provides freelancers with the necessary residency permit to live and work in the city.


Freelance Visa and Freelance Permit in Dubai - What Do They Mean?

A Freelance Visa in Dubai and a Freelance Permit in Dubai refer to authorisations allowing individuals to legally work as freelancers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). These permits grant non-citizens the right to engage in freelance activities within the UAE, provided they meet specific eligibility criteria and follow the relevant regulations. Depending on the type of permit or visa obtained, individuals can work in various fields, such as media, education, design, and more, subject to the conditions outlined by the UAE government and the specific free zone authorities.

Dubai's Freelance Permit in 2023

Individuals of all skill levels seeking freelance work in the UAE can apply for a freelance permit 2023 from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). This permit enables them to work from anywhere within the UAE or worldwide.

New types of Dubai Freelance Available in 2023

Dubai provides a variety of Dubai freelance permits to accommodate diverse professional requirements. These visas empower freelancers to operate independently and lawfully within the city, with commonly available categories including the following.

  • Freelance Work Permit:

    The Freelance Work Permit is a versatile option that allows foreign nationals to work independently in Dubai. It caters to a wide range of professions, including writers, graphic designers, web developers, and more. This type of visa is well-suited for individuals who want to offer their services freelance without needing to establish a company.
  • Investor/Freelance Visa:

    Dubai offers an Investor/Freelance Visa option, which ties your freelance status to an investment in a Dubai-free zone company. By establishing a business entity in a free zone, you can obtain a freelance visa, giving you the flexibility to manage your freelance work under your company's umbrella.
  • Media Freelancer Visa:

    Professionals in the media and creative industries, such as journalists, photographers, and content creators, can explore the Media Freelancer Visa. This specialized visa is designed to cater to individuals working in these fields' unique needs, offering them opportunities to thrive in Dubai's vibrant media landscape.
  • Dubai Virtual Company License:

    The Dubai Virtual Company License is an innovative solution for freelancers who want to establish an online presence in Dubai without needing physical office space. This option allows entrepreneurs and freelancers to operate digitally, engaging with clients and partners in Dubai and beyond.
  • Freelance Permit for Women:

    Dubai has introduced freelance permits explicitly tailored for women to empower female entrepreneurs and freelancers. These permits have unique benefits and support systems encourage women to pursue their freelance ambitions.
  • Tech Freelancer Visa (Potential):

    Dubai has been considering the introduction of Tech Freelancer Visas to attract tech talent. While this type of visa may not be available at the time of writing, it's worth keeping an eye on developments in this area, as it could open up new opportunities for technology professionals.


Top Benefits of Getting a Freelance Visa in Dubai

Here are a few benefits you, as a Freelance visa holder, will enjoy in Dubai.

1.   Flexibility

The best part about working as a freelancer in Dubai is the level of flexibility you get. There’s neither a strict 9 to 5 schedule nor any compulsion to work only for one company or individual. You’re the master of your will; thus, freelancing could be a turning point in your career.

2.   Low Investment

Another benefit of freelancing is that you need not invest much in fixed assets or incur high operating costs. You can work from home, meaning you need not buy or rent an office or travel to work. Entering the freelancing market is much cheaper than establishing a business.

3.   Family Sponsorship

Once you obtain a Freelance visa in Dubai, you can sponsor your family members or spouse to live with you in your apartment. However, sponsoring your employees on a Freelance visa is impossible.

How to Apply for a Freelance Visa in Dubai

  1. Begin by visiting the official Dubai Visit Visa Online website or mail at contact@dubaivisitvisa.onlineto access the necessary information and resources. 

  2. Contact their dedicated team for personalized guidance and assistance throughout the application process.

  3. Complete the visa application form with accurate details, ensuring it aligns with your profession and business objectives.

  4. Submit your Dubai Freelance Visa Application Online, and the Dubai Visit Visa Online team will assist you with document verification and the subsequent steps to secure your Freelance Visa in Dubai.

Documents Needed For A Dubai Freelance Visa

You don't usually require a specific professional background as a freelancer; you must gather certain documents and submit them when applying for a freelance permit in Dubai.

    • Passport copies (yours and any dependents)
    • Passport-sized photographs
    • Educational certificates or professional qualifications
    • Portfolio showcasing your work
    • Business plan detailing your freelance activities
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) if you're currently employed in the UAE
    • Health insurance coverage documents

Freelance Visa Cost 2023

Regarding freelance visa costs in Dubai, there are typically four distinct expenses to consider when obtaining and renewing your freelance visas.

1. Freelance Permit-

The freelance permit in Dubai costs AED 7,500 for issuance and renewal, with an annual renewal requirement.

2. Establishment Card-

The establishment card in Dubai carries a cost of AED 2,000 for both issuance and renewal. It is necessary to renew this card on an annual basis.

3. Employment Visa-

The employment visa in Dubai comes in two options: a 3-year valid visa costs AED 2,750, and a 5-year valid visa costs AED 5,000. You'll need to renew these visas every 3 and 5 years, respectively.

4. Residence Visa- 

  • If you are applying for a residence visa (valid for 3 years) from outside the UAE, the cost will be AED 3,330 for the Normal processing and AED 3,900 for the Express processing
  • If you apply for a residence visa (valid for 3 years) from within the UAE, the cost will be AED 4,960 for the normal processing option and AED 6,340 for the express processing option.

    Be aware that freelance visa Dubai fees can change periodically, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about the current costs for your selected freelance permit.



In conclusion, a freelance visa opens the door to a world of profitable opportunities. It empowers individuals to pursue their passions, establish thriving businesses, and enjoy the freedom of self-employment while contributing to Dubai's dynamic and diverse economy. To kickstart your Dubai freelance visa application, don't hesitate to contact the Dubai Visit Visa Online team. They assist with securing a cheap freelance visa in Dubai and are ready to guide you through the process.

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