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A 3-Month Dubai Visit Visa Guide for 2024

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Dubai is a country that almost every person around the world wants to visit. Dubai has a high tourism rate which is because of the high tourist spots and unlimited adventurous activities it provides to the visitors. Now, there are many kinds of visas available for Dubai and you can obtain any of them by fulfilling the requirements and by expressing the need for that particular visa for you. You can apply for a tourist visa, visit visa, business visa, student visa, and transit visa. These are the basic visa types and can be easily obtained. All these visa types have different requirements, charges, and expenses. By expenses, it means that different visas have different purposes and validity. A person has to be more financially strong if you are planning to visit for a month as compared to someone who is planning to visit for 10 days. In this article, we are going to read about visiting visas for Dubai for three months. 

Is a Visit Visa the Same as a Tourist Visa?

A Tourist visa is generally provided to someone who wants to visit the country for sightseeing or to explore new places, cultures, etc. The term tourist defines itself as the meaning of this visa type. 

On the other hand, a Visit visa has the term “Visit”, which means the visa holder can visit the country for various purposes like visiting relatives/family/ friends or can visit for medical treatment, meetings, etc.

Dubai Visit Visa for 3 Months

Dubai visit visa starts from a 48 hours visa and ends on a 90 days validity visa. A Dubai visit visa for 3 months/ 90 days is available for visitors and can be easily obtained. 90 days Single entry visit visa cost is USD 450 and takes up to 3-4 days to process. Visa validity is 58 days and stays validity is 90 days. You can only have a single entry into the country. 

90 days Multiple entry visit visa cost is USD 800 and takes up to 3-4 days to process. Visa validity is 58 days and stays validity is 90 days. You can have multiple entries on this visa, you can return to your country and can come to Dubai in the middle of your validity period. 

Dubai Visit Visa 3 Months “EXTENSION”

Visit visa extension on Dubai Visit visa for 90 days is possible but on Single Entry. The visa extension cost is USD 550 and takes up to 4 days of processing time. Always try to extend your visa at least before 2-3 weeks of expiring as sometimes, it takes longer than usual. Visa validity is 58 days and stays validity is 90 days. 

Qualification for Dubai visa to be qualified for a Dubai visa, the applicant should satisfy the accompanying standards:

  • The candidate ought to have a legitimate passport. The passport should be substantial for something like a half year with at least 2 clear pages.
  • Have affirmed return flight passes to home country.
  • Should have adequate assets to cover the costs during the stay in Dubai.
  • Not have any crook foundation.

Dubai Visit Visa Requirements for 2024

  • An identification estimated photo of the candidate not older than 90 days, with the whole substance of the candidate taken against a white foundation. The photo appended ought to be clear, with no less than 80% of the candidate's substance apparent.
  • An appropriately filled and marked visa application structure within the indicated assignment and control of the candidate.
  • Passport.
  • Affirmed return air tickets.
  • Letter of Invitation or that of undertaking the obligation of the stay and direct of the candidate in Dubai.

Dubai Visit Visa Processing Time 

Normally, a Dubai Visa web-based handling time is ordinarily 3 to 4 working days. Nonetheless, you can likewise pick an express visa administration wherein you get your visa in 24 hours or less.


This article was about the Visit visa for Dubai for 3 months, it has all the necessary details required while applying for the Dubai visit visa. Applicants can also visit Dubai visits visa online. Other than visa application, all relevant information regarding Dubai visas is available on this website. 

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