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meaning of ecr in passport

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For Indian citizens who desire to work in specified nations, ECR (Emigration Check Required) passports are needed. Before you travel to certain territories, authorized passport holders must obtain an Emigration Approval first from the Office of the Protector of Emigrants (POE) under the 1983 emigration Act. If the passport does not have any marking in the passport for passports granted before 2007 January, that is an ECR passport. If there is no mark on the passport till January 2007 then it is a non-ECR. If you already have an ECR passport, it will be marked with the words 'Emigration Check Required.' If you have a non-ECR passport, then in that case your passport will not have the words 'Emigration Check Required' printed on it. For further information related to Dubai visit visas

ECR Passport purpose

ECR is an abbreviation for Emigration Clearance Required. If the candidate has not completed their tenth grade or does not have the necessary certificates, they will be subjected to an emigration check. It was created to give citizens the freedom to work in other nations such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia. Domestic abuse is allegedly perpetrated against Indian citizens with poor educational credentials in foreign countries. As a result, the Indian government has enacted stringent regulations to protect Indians residing overseas and assist them in overcoming such challenges. 

Who can apply for an ECR passport

If the passport applicant has not passed his 10th grade or has finished it but does not have all of the requisite documentation for SSC, ECR passports are issued by default to children under the age of 15. Indian national who is traveling to any other nation on a visa other than a work visa or study visa can also apply under the ECR choice by opting for the ECR choice on the Passport online registration form.

Countries that require clearance

The Protector of Emigrants (POE), Ministry of External Indian Affairs, has a list of 17 nations that require emigration permission. If you have an ECR passport and want to move to one of the eligible nations on a working visa, you must first clear the emigration process. Emigration Approval is not required for some other visa types. At the immigration counter, simply produce your legitimate ECR passport, tickets, and valid visa to gain admission to the airport.

Documents to be submitted to the passport office

Valid residential proofs, annexures (if applicable), and any exigency proofs are among the documents you must present (if required). The documents listed above are required when applying for an ECR passport to ensure compliance with Indian government laws and guidelines. Proof of educational status is not required to obtain an ECR passport. You can, however, get it as a separate document.

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Non-ECR meaning

Non-ECR is an abbreviation for Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR). This is for individuals who are academically qualified and desire to travel for work or pleasure. Holders of an ECNR passport can go around the world without having to clear emigration. Indian citizens who have completed their 10th grade can obtain the ECNR without having to clear emigration at the desk. Even if you have finished your SSLC and still do not have documents, you will be classified as ECR.

Conditions for applying under non-ECR passports

  1. Indian citizens who have completed the tenth standard and have all of the required documentation.
  2. People above the age of 50 with a Diploma in Polytechnic from any accredited organization.
  3. Spent three or more years abroad and have a Diploma degree in Nursing under the Indian Nursing Council Act-1947.
  4. Officials of the Gazetted Government, their partners, and their offspring.
  5. Bearers of official and diplomatic passports.
  6. Income taxpayers (particularly farmers), their wives, and their kids (under 18 years of age).


The Emigration Act governs the emigration of trained, semi-skilled, and low-skilled people, as well as other professionals such as 'Nurses' who are notified on a regular basis, for a job in 18 recognized nations. Individuals whose passports bear the "Emigration Clearance Required" (ECR) stamp and who wish to work in these 18 nations must acquire emigration permission from the Protector of Emigrants (POE). Employees who have not gotten clearance from POE may be detained at Immigration. 

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