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A Thorough Guide to the Dubai Visa UID Number in 2024

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The Unified Identification Number (UID) is a six-digit code issued to everyone entering the UAE. This six-digit number can be used to recognize someone who enters the UAE for whatever reason (employment, tourist, dependent, etc.) for immigration documents. This number will also be used for other purposes, such as processing resident visa applications and Emirates IDs. The General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs issues UID numbers (GDRFA). The code is only given out once. The Unified Number Inquiry Service stays the same even if you extend your visa or alter your status from visitor to permanent. That is a permanent unified identity number. 

A UID number is a 9-15 digit unique identification number automatically provided to everyone who visits the UAE as a visitor or resident. Dubai Visit Visa Online can further help with getting necessary visa-related information. 

UID Number in Residence Visa

The UID (Unified Identification) Number in the context of a Resident Visa refers to a unique alphanumeric code assigned to individuals during the application and issuance process of a residence permit in a particular country. This distinctive identifier is crucial for efficient data management, security, and communication between applicants and immigration authorities.UID Number in the UAE Dubai ensures accuracy, enhances the security of the residence visa application process, and facilitates streamlined communication channels. It serves as a critical element in the overall framework of residence visa procedures, contributing to a more efficient, secure, and transparent system for residents and immigration authorities alike.

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Importance of UID Number in Dubai

1. Government Services

One of the primary areas where the UID number shines is its integration with government services. From applying for permits to accessing healthcare, having a UID number expedites these processes, reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

2. Residential and Commercial Transactions

The UID number is a game-changer in the real estate and business sectors. It facilitates seamless transactions, ensuring a quick and secure exchange of information vital for property deals and commercial agreements.

How To Check UID Numbers in the UAE Online?

Checking your UID (Unified Identification) Number online involves a straightforward process, ensuring you have access to essential information related to your identification. Follow these steps to verify your UID Number:

  • Go to the official website www.gdrfad.gov.ae.
  • Tap on "E-services" from the home page.
  • Select "Find my UID" from the list of options.
  • It will send you to a page with a unified number inquiry service. You must provide the following information for the UAE Visa Number Check: your passport number, nationality, date of birth, and gender.
  • When you have finished entering your personal information, click "Submit."
  • Then, you'll discover your UID number.

Why Do You Need a UID Number?

In Dubai, the need for a UID number, or Unified Number UAE, is multifaceted and integral to the visa and residency system. The UID number links to individuals' details as a unique identifier, offering a comprehensive reference for authorities. It is essential for tracking the status of Dubai visas and residencies, ensuring secure authentication in online interactions. Issued during the application process, the UID number becomes part of official documents, facilitating government services related to immigration and residency. With its contribution to record-keeping, the UID number enhances the efficiency of administrative processes and immigration management in Dubai.

How To Get a Unique Identity Number?

  • When you do not yet have a UID number and cannot locate one online, you can obtain one through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  • There is a DXB Airport Terminal 3 office and headquarters in Al Jafiliya, Bur Dubai. Each of them can provide you with a UID number.

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Implications of Multiple UID Numbers

Multiple UID (Unique Identification) numbers refer to an individual possessing more than one unique identifier, such as a national identification number, social security number, or any other unique code assigned for personal identification. This situation can have various implications, and the consequences may depend on the context in which these multiple UID numbers arise. Here are some potential explanations and implications:

1. Data Inconsistencies:

Multiple UID numbers can lead to inconsistencies in personal data records. This can create confusion and errors in databases, affecting various aspects of administrative and financial processes.

2. Identity Verification Issues:

When individuals have multiple UID numbers, it can complicate identity verification processes. This may lead to challenges in confirming a person's true identity, potentially impacting access to services or benefits.

3. Fraud and Misuse:

Multiple UID numbers may sometimes result from fraudulent activities or identity theft. This could lead to significant legal ramifications and potentially result in financial losses for individuals and organizations.

4. Legal Consequences:

Possessing multiple UID numbers could be a violation of legal and regulatory standards. Individuals may face legal consequences, such as fines or other penalties if it is discovered that they intentionally acquired or used multiple identifiers.

5. Financial and Banking Issues:

Multiple UID numbers can lead to complications in financial transactions, particularly in banking and credit-related activities. Lenders and financial institutions rely on accurate identification for various processes, and discrepancies can lead to issues such as loan rejections or account closures.

6. Government Services: 

In cases where government services are linked to UID numbers, having multiples may affect access to social benefits, healthcare services, or other government-related facilities. It can disrupt the efficient delivery of public services.

7. Employment Challenges:

Some employers use UID numbers for employee identification. If an individual has multiple identifiers, it may raise concerns during background checks and employment verification processes, potentially affecting job opportunities.

Addressing the implications of having multiple UID numbers typically involves:

  • Rectifying data records.
  • Reporting any instances of identity theft or fraud.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Individuals encountering this situation should contact relevant authorities, such as government agencies or legal professionals, to rectify the issue and mitigate potential consequences.

How To Merge The UID Numbers?

You may receive numerous UID numbers. It is a system error that may delay the issuing of your residence visa. When this occurs, there may be a problem with your immigration records, which should be resolved immediately.

Do not even panic; there is a clear path out. The relevant immigration authority (GDRFA) may consolidate the numerous UID numbers, including the UID number needed to locate your UAE visa number, ensuring you have a single record with the immigration.

The steps for merging the unified identity number (UID) are as follows: 

  • In the UAE, go to the immigration department
  • Bring the necessary documentation, such as a copy of your passport and an entrance visa (if you have one).
  • If you have an old, expired, or cancelled visa, bring it with you. They may be required for reference purposes at the immigration service department.

Documentation for UID Number Merging Process

Here is a comprehensive list of documents required for the merging request:

1. Passport Copy:

Include the signature page of your passport.

2. Visa Copies:

Provide copies of both old and current visas.

3. Cancellation Paper:

If applicable, submit the paper confirming the cancellation of a recent visa.

4. UID Numbers:

Include the UID numbers that need merging.

Ensure that all the necessary documents are accurately prepared and submitted for the merging process.

Benefits Of Unique Identity Number (UID)

The UID number, like any number on the UAE visa website, is significant to inhabitants of the nation for the following reasons:

  • Applications for a Residence Visa
  • Registration for Emirates ID
  • Personal identification in the immigration system

 The fee for the unified identity number (UID) is AED 250, and a few documents required for that are: 

  • Passport print, with signature page 
  • Old and current visa photocopies
  • Rejection paper if your visa was recently cancelled

The UID number can be generated within 24 hours; it is quick and easily accessible.

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Purpose of the Dubai Visa UID Number:

1. Efficient Application Processing:

The UID number acts as a catalyst for efficient visa application processing. By assigning a unique code to each applicant, immigration authorities can seamlessly manage and organize a vast array of data.

2. Enhanced Security Measures:

Incorporating the UID number bolsters the security of the Dubai visa application process. It acts as a safeguard against identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity of the visa application system.

3. Streamlined Communication Channels:

Both applicants and immigration authorities benefit from the UID number as it establishes a standardized communication channel. This reduces errors, facilitates accurate updates, and ensures pertinent information reaches the right parties.


A UID number is a 9-15 digit unique identification number automatically provided to everyone who visits the UAE as a visitor or resident. Dubai Visit Visa Online can further help with getting necessary visa-related information.

Many residents are unaware that their resident visa pages contain many numbers and codes. One of them is the Unified Identity Number (UID). In your visa, the UID is placed directly above the file number. The UID number, like any number on the UAE visa website, is significant to inhabitants of the nation for the following reasons: Applications for a Residence Visa, Registration for Emirates ID, and Personal identification in the immigration system. A few required documents would be a Passport print with a signature page, Old and current visa photocopies, and Rejection paper if your visa was recently cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Question

Ques- Is the UID number mandatory for all residents in Dubai?
Ans- While not mandatory for all, having a UID number is highly beneficial for accessing various services.

Ques- Why might I have multiple UID numbers?
Ans- Multiple UID numbers may arise due to administrative errors, changes in immigration status, or upgrades to identification systems, leading to the issuance of distinct identification codes for a single individual.

Ques- Can I request the merging of UID numbers?
Ans- Individuals can often request the merging of UID numbers by contacting the relevant immigration or identification authorities, facilitating the consolidation of multiple identification codes.

Ques- Which regulatory body issues a Unified Number in the UAE?
Ans- The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) assigns a UID number to individuals entering the UAE.

Ques- What should I do if I cannot find my UID number on my Dubai visa?
Ans- If you encounter difficulties locating your UID number on your Dubai visa, seek assistance and clarification by contacting the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or immigration authorities in Dubai.

Ques- Is the UID number linked to any specific information on my Dubai visa?
Ans- Indeed, the UID number is associated with diverse personal information, serving as a distinctive identifier for every individual possessing a Dubai visa or residency.

Ques- Is the UID number mandatory for checking visa status in Dubai?
Ans- The UID number is crucial for accessing and verifying your Dubai visa status through the official online portals provided by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Ques- What should I do if I lose my UID number?
Ans- In case of loss, contacting the relevant authorities promptly is advisable to facilitate retrieval.