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30 days single entry dubai visa

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Dubai is known as the occasion capital of the MENASA area (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia). Pretty much consistently, there is, at any rate, one significant occasion or celebration to appreciate; in addition, there are innumerable exercises and encounters to appreciate every day. Dubai has something for everybody—from children to guardians, companions to couples, business explorers and that's just the beginning. Here, you will learn about 30-day single-entry Dubai Visit visas.

Positioned second on the planet for well-being and security, all you can do in Dubai accompanies minimal danger. That implies you can get out and have fun consistently, to the fullest. Dubai's astounding framework draws in global financial backers in zones of exchange, transport, the travel industry, industry and money. Since an exceptionally expansive scope of areas is both present and flourishing in Dubai, there are a lot of activities and see, regardless of how one-of-a-kind your specific advantages are! 

Notice the astonishing mix of 21st-century solaces and old-world appeal throughout the city-state. Meander between flooding exchange souks or purchase enormous brands in current shopping centres. You can check for more on the topic of Dubai tourist visa

About 30 days Visa

A 30-day Dubai Visa can be both a single-section and various passage visas. If you need an Apply Dubai visa online for 30 days, you must initially build up whether it will be a solitary or different section one. 

A solitary passage 30-day traveller visa in Dubai permits you to enter the UAE once and is legitimate for a 30-day stay incorporating the date of section and exit from UAE. The section legitimacy of this Dubai traveller visa 30 days is 58 days from the date of issue, permitting both of you expansions for 30 days each. You can check for more about a 90-day visit visa UAE price.

You can even apply for numerous passage 30 days Dubai traveller visa online, where you can enter the UAE on different occasions inside the 30 days of assigned stay. The passage 30 days vacationer visa Dubai legitimacy is 58 days from the issue date. This also can be expanded twice for 30 days for a charge of AED 850 each time. Such a visa allows you to enter the UAE on various occasions throughout your 30-day stay. 

Documentation Needed for a 30-Day Dubai Visit Visa

To obtain a 30-day Dubai single entry visa, the following documents are commonly required: 

1. Ensure your passport has a validity period of at least six months.
2. Include a photocopy of the visa application form that has been appropriately filled out.
3. Provide scanned copies of two passport-sized colour photographs taken against a white backdrop.
4. Enclose a cover letter with your application in which you explain the purpose of your visit to Dubai and the intended duration of your stay.
5. Present evidence of your confirmed return flight tickets.
6. If you are a solo woman traveller under 24, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your father or husband.
7. If the mother's or father's name is not stated in a child's passport, provide a copy of the child's birth certificate.

What is the Processing Time for Obtaining a 30-day Dubai Visa?

The processing time for a 30 day single entry dubai visa can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the visa takes 3 to 5 working days to be processed and approved. However, it is essential to note that this is an estimated processing time and may vary in some instances. The processing time can be affected by factors such as the applicant's nationality, the application's completeness, and any additional requirements that the UAE authorities may request. Submitting the visa application well in advance is advisable to allow for any unforeseen delays.

30-day visit visa Dubai cost

A 30-day Dubai visa for a single entry costs $135.0/USD. However, you prefer a quicker processing option. In that case, you can opt for the Express service, which typically processes your visa within 24 hours, compared to the standard visa, which takes about 3 to 4 working days. It's important to note that the 30-day visit visa Dubai fees for the Express visa service are slightly higher than expected.

The 30 days dubai visa price will be $305.0/USD for those who have chosen a multiple-entry visa. However, there are no Express service options available for multiple-entry visas. Therefore, the 30-day multiple-entry tourist visa cost for Dubai remains the same.

For detailed information on the 30-day Dubai single entry visa and 30-day visa Dubai cost, it's advisable to contact the Dubai Visit Visa Online.You can mail at contact@dubaivisitvisa.online


In conclusion, the 30-day single-entry Dubai visit visa offers a convenient and accessible way for travellers to explore the vibrant city of Dubai. With the option to apply online, obtaining this visa has always been challenging. Whether you're planning a short vacation or a business trip, this visa allows you to experience the wonders of Dubai for a month. So, seize the opportunity and embark on your Dubai adventure with the 30-day single entry visa UAE, hassle-free and easy, through the online application process.

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