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how to cancel my dubai visa

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There might be instances when you wish to get your Dubai visa cancelled. You might already be living in Dubai or might want to rethink your present plans of visiting Dubai. Whatever be the reason, you would be needed to understand which type of permit and visa is applicable for what purpose. And in case you haven’t applied for the right type of visa, you might also want to get your application cancelled.

For any sort of visa-related queries, you would be required to go through the portal of GDRFA. GDRFA stands for General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and as the name suggests, this department takes care of all the affairs related to the entry, exit, or residence of any foreigner inside the country.

Even if you have an option to get the visa cancelled from any other portal, it is best suggested to check your visa status on the GDRFA portal. Here are some procedures for the most common types of visa cancellations.


If you want to cancel your entry permit request for Dubai, visit the website of GDRFA. In the services section of the homepage, locate the section for ‘Entry Permit’. If you click on that tab, you would be redirected to another page that would have several options related to the entry permit service. Find the option that says ‘Entry Permit Services’. In that, find the ‘Cancellation of Entry Permit’.

Once you are in, you need to log in and begin the process of visa cancellation application. That would require you to fill out a form and attach some required documents. In the end, process the payment, and your cancellation process would be done.


In case you have applied for a Dubai visa and wish to cancel your application, you would be required to visit the GDRFA portal. There, in the services section find the option for ‘Visa Status’. Later on, you would be required to put in your order number, the transaction number, and the date you made the payment. After you do that, you would be met with an option to cancel your request. Just follow the steps from there and you would be able to cancel your visa application.


Go to the website of GDRAF. There find the ‘Residency Visa’ option in the services section. From there, move on to the ‘Cancellation of Residency Visa’ part. There you would be required to fill out a form and provide the necessary documents. In the end, fulfil the payment and your visa cancellation request would be completed.


It is your sponsor who can cancel your residence. In most cases, your employer would be the sponsor for your stay in Dubai. In that case, only they would be able to cancel your residence in Dubai. Before cancelling they would be required to get a letter signed from you that would state that you have been paid all your wages. After submitting that to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, your residence visa would be cancelled.

In case you are working as a self-employed person, you would be able to cancel your own residence visa. Be informed that if you are the sponsor of your family like parents, kids, or spouse, then you must cancel their residence visa before you cancel yours.


These were the different processes to cancel different types of visas in Dubai. There are only some nuances to each type of processing so make sure to understand everything properly before taking any step because cancellations are usually an irreversible process. Once cancelled, you may only gain back the visa by applying for a new one.

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