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new features of the uae golden visa in 2022

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The Golden visa is a visa that allows international professionals to stay, perform, and learn in the United Arab Emirates while receiving special perks. The Golden visa is available for investments, businessmen, researchers, excellent graduate students, social leaders, and frontline soldiers. Learn about the advantages of the Golden visa and how to register for it using online services. 

People that have made great contributions to the nation, have highly prized abilities, or operate in essential areas that are vital to the economy are granted 10-year resident permits. Among the recipients are scores of high school students who received golden visas for themselves, their families, and relatives after receiving good marks. The first golden visas were granted in mid-2020. 

In a year alone, 44,000 visas were granted in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates Government, led by Vice President and Monarch of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, adopted the 'executive rules' of the National Decree-Law on Outsiders' Entrance and Stay. These resulted in the introduction of new kinds of visas as well as the legal approval of ones that were already in place, like the Golden Visa residence program. 

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Who is The Golden Visa Applicable For


Real estate agents in the United Arab Emirates can receive a Golden visa if they meet one of several listed criteria:

  • Acquire an assets worth not a little under AED 2 million, or close a deal with financing from one of the authorized financial institutions
  • Acquire 1 or even more off-plan homes valued at nothing less than AED 2 million from one of the authorized estate agents’ businesses. 

 Business owners

Enterprises owners can apply for a Golden visa if they meet one of the given criteria:

  • Run or be a collaborator in a start-up licensed as a small and medium-scale enterprise (SMEs) in the United Arab Emirates, with yearly revenue of at least AED 1 million
  • Receive clearance for a start-up proposal from an official government business accelerator or by the Ministry of Economic Affairs or other relevant local officials 
  • Should have launched an entrepreneurial project that was purchased for at least AED 7 million

 Remarkable abilities

Creators, inventors, and extraordinary qualities in key disciplines like literature, music, athletics, and modern technology are eligible for a Golden visa regardless of academic background, work position, monthly income, or professional team. A request or permission from a state or federal administrative organization is required for the visa.

Experts and researchers

Researchers and scientists with major accomplishments and impacts in their fields may be eligible for the Golden visa if recommended by the Emirates Science Commission. An applicant must have a PhD or a Master's of one of the global highest institutions from one of the fields of engineering, computing, biological sciences, or natural sciences, as well as significant research accomplishments.


Experts or highly skilled people with high academic expertise and professional knowledge in all fields of study, such as healthcare, sciences and engineering, telecommunications, business and management, skills training, legislation, heritage, and disciplines such as sociology, are eligible for the Golden visa

Promising students and graduates

The Golden visa is available to high-achieving pupils in the United Arab Emirates secondary schools as well as excellent alumni from United Arab Emirates universities and the world's top 100 institutions. Academic achievement estimate, the year of graduating, and institution categorization are all criteria.

Humanitarian greats

The Golden visa is available to philanthropic pioneers such as the following:

  • prominent participants of regional and international associations 
  • excellent volunteers of public welfare groups holders of humanitarian honor prizes
  • renowned social volunteers and supporters



The 'Golden visa' of the UAE is a lengthy resident visa that allows international individuals to stay, perform, or research in the United Arab Emirates while enjoying special perks such as a self-sponsored residence permit, because there is no need for such an employment sponsor power to remain outside of the United Arab Emirates for more than the regular limitation of 6 months in order to maintain their residency permit valid supporting their family and friends, such as wife and kids irrespective of their ages sponsoring an endless amount of domestic servants.

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