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dubai golden visa eligibility

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Visiting Dubai is a dream for millions, and to visit Dubai, one needs to meet the necessary Dubai visa requirements so that one can get a Dubai visa issued for themselves.

Dubai has everything to offer you. Dubai is known for modern tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest structure) and shopping complexes that include massive aquariums and indoor ski slopes. But, in addition to all the dazzling modern add-ons, this city boasts many cultural treasures and activities to do. And once you visit Dubai, you will feel the beauty that it carries and serves you.

What is a Dubai golden visa?

Among all the visa types such as tourist visas, transit visas, and business visas, Dubai also offers Golden visas to travelers traveling to Dubai.

  • A Dubai golden visa is a long-term visa that is, of course, a multiple-entry visa and offers you a frequent visitor to Dubai during your visa validity. The Dubai golden visas are given to specific individuals and are valid for approximately 5–10 years; however, the visa must be renewed on a regular basis or a fine will be imposed.
  • Golden visa Dubai usually serves you a strong purpose and allows you to apply for it in order to showcase your talents, because it’s specifically for foreign talents to live, perform, and pursue their dreams. It also allows you to work or study in the UAE whenever you wish to. It even allows you to live in the country for a longer time and gives you a bucket full of benefits every single time.


Who all are eligible for a Dubai golden visa?

People from all over the world can acquire a golden visa to Dubai, but you must meet the eligibility criteria for the same whenever you apply for a Dubai golden visa. If we talk about the ones who can apply for a Dubai golden visa, then they are the ones stated below:

  • The individuals eligible to apply for a Dubai golden visa include businessmen, entertainers, researchers, outstanding graduate students, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes who can enjoy the features of this Dubai visa.
  • Also, if there is any person who owns a property in Dubai worth Dh2 million or more, they are entitled to apply for a Dubai Golden Visa. The properties in these categories should not have any loans on them, which, of course, makes them eligible for a Dubai golden visa.

Benefits of applying for a Dubai golden visa

  • Once you apply for a Dubai golden visa, it serves you with a lot more benefits than you can’t even imagine.
  • If you are applying for a Dubai golden visa, then you have the full liberty of living in Dubai for a long period of time.
  • When it is near expiration you can even apply for the renewal of the visa whenever required for a decade more if you meet cetain conditions.
  • And once you apply for a golden visa, you do not need any kind of sponsor and can apply for it on your own.
  • Even if someone stays outside Dubai, they can freely stay there for over six months and their visa won’t get canceled. This is literally a major benefit of having a Dubai golden visa.

Requirements for a Dubai Golden Visa

  • A visa application form
  • Personal details such as full name, citizenship country, full address, date of birth, etc.
  • A valid passport of the applicant is also required.
  • All the academic certificates of the applicant will also be needed.
  • The applicant's Emirates ID
  • The certificates for the degree that the applicant is applying for a golden visa are also required.
  • Passport-sized photographs of the applicant.

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A golden visa is an important pass that is applied by a person who’s in some sort of field and who needs to pursue their talents while living abroad. One needs to apply for a visa by providing the right documents and paying the visa fee. Later on, one will receive a visa confirmation mail stating all the information about the visa. And you are ready to fly to  Dubai.

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