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how to apply for the multiple entry dubai visa

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There are thousands of people traveling to Dubai for multiple reasons. Some visit for tourism, some visit because of work, and some wish to establish their business. Reasons for people coming to Dubai are various. Similarly, the pattern of people’s visits is also very different. There are first-time visitors who wish to take it all in one visit from Dubai, there are people who visit often because of their families or because they simply like the place, and then there are some who got to visit twice or thrice a year for reasons like business, medical treatment, etc.

To cater to all of what is mentioned above, there are various types of visa provisions offered by Dubai. One such provision is the multiple entry visa. Many countries provide permits for foreigners to enter the country multiple times over a certain period of time. Additionally, it also comes with a particular stay validity.

So, let us take a look at the provisions and policies of the multiple entry visa provided by Dubai.

What Is A Multiple Entries Visa And Who Should Get It?

Multiple entry visas are special permits given to foreigners so that they can exit and enter the country multiple times over a period of time. Usually, on any other visa, travelers need to apply for a new visa every time they wish to enter a foreign country after leaving it. But, the multiple entry visa eliminates that requirement by allowing them to enter and re-enter the country for the duration their visas are valid.

Dubai has got people entering and exiting the country for various reasons. Being a hub of opportunities and facilities, there are people who might need to enter and exit and re-enter the country over a period of time. The reason could be anything from medical requirements to business to visiting a family. Hence, this scheme is very beneficial for the ones who require to enter the country multiple times. This could save the time and cost to apply for a new visa every time you need to enter the country. You can decide the duration you wish to enter the country again and again and apply for a multiple entry visa based on that. Dubai provides a facility to apply for durations ranging from 30 days to 5 years.

How To Get A Multiple Entry Visa For Dubai?

Here are the simple steps you should follow to apply for a Dubai multiple-entry visa:

  1. Visit Dubai Visit Visa Online.
  2. On the homepage, select your nationality and the country you live in. It could be the same or different, but it should be genuine.
  3. Next, select the type of visa you wish to apply for and the duration of it.
  4. Then, you should fill in your details in the application form. And on the section at the bottom upload all the required documents.
  5. Apart from your photograph and passport, you can also add other documents like invitations or medical reports to support your purpose.
  6. In the end, process the payment using your preferred medium.

After the payment is processed, you would receive the payment confirmation and the application ID. You may use this application ID later to track your visa status through our portal.

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These were simple steps for how you can apply for the Dubai multiple entry visas. You can get your Dubai visa from Dubai Visit Visa Online within 3-4 days by following these simple steps. Also, to learn more about the Dubai tour and travel, make sure to check out our blogs.

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