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Emirates Airlines is one of the world’s busiest airlines and can help you get a Dubai visit visa in just a few easy steps. First, select your travel date and then book your flight through Emirates Airlines Dubai Visa. Next, submit your passport and application form to the airports through Dubai Visit Visa Online. Finally, pay the visa fee and receive your visa in a few days.

Emirates Airlines offers various types of visas, depending on the traveller's needs and the destination country's requirements. Some common visa types Emirates Airlines provides include tourist, transit, business, and student visas. The availability and specific requirements for these visas may vary depending on the country you are travelling to, so it is crucial to verify the latest visa options and application procedures by contacting Emirates Airlines or consulting the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

Dubai Visit Visa

Emirates Airlines offers a streamlined process for obtaining a Dubai Visit Visa when planning a Dubai visit. Travellers can apply conveniently for an Emirates Airlines Visit Visa with Dubai Visit Visa Online to make their journey smoother.  It's advisable to submit your visa application after confirming your travel arrangements. While Emirates Airlines can assist in streamlining your Dubai trip, consider obtaining a Dubai Visit Visa online for a more convenient and expedited process. The airline provides various avenues to secure your Dubai visa, such as online applications and support from their travel agents. If you're arriving by air, you can apply for a visa at the airport.

If you plan a trip to Dubai, Emirates Airlines is the best way to get there. With its convenient online visa application system, you can apply for a visa online after fulfilling mandatory requirements and booking a flight ticket via Emirates Airlines only. 

Emirates Airlines Visa Requirements: 

Suppose you're contemplating acquiring an Emirates Airlines Visa for Dubai and must adhere to Emirates Airlines visa requirements. In that case, it's crucial to understand that obtaining a visa for Dubai is essential. The visa application process can be somewhat time-consuming and entails specific prerequisites.

  • A coloured photograph of the applicant.
  • A coloured photocopy of the applicant's passport, with a minimum validity of six months.
  • The original application form can be obtained from any Emirates ticketing office and is available in Arabic or English, depending on the applicant's nationality.
  • A copy of the Emirates airline ticket.
  • Proof of financial stability.
  • A hotel reservation in Dubai for at least 7 nights should cover your stay period.

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How to Apply?

Instructions on how to apply for Emirates airline visit visa:

When travelling to or residing in Dubai and the Emirates, you can complete your UAE visa application online, eliminating the need to visit the airport and submit your identification for stamping. Simply visit the "Manage Your Booking" section to submit your UAE visa application after confirming your Emirates flight.

Citizens and legal residents of multiple countries may register for an online visa application service. Find out whether you can upload a valid passport for at least six months or if you will need to use one with a machine-readable scan. Machine-readable passports are currently not accepted.

This service is only available to individuals with an Emirates booking with an issued Emirates ticket and a travel schedule that includes the desired time in Dubai. The flight itinerary must be only on the Emirates ticket (PNR), and the itinerary into and out of Dubai can be only on Emirates flights. Note that if you have a separate Emirates ticket and itinerary, the itinerary for entry to and exit from the Dubai Emirates must be completed on the same ticket.

To apply for a Dubai visa through Emirates Airlines, first visit the website of Emirates Airlines and complete the online application form. You must provide your full name, date of birth, passport number, and other identification information. After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by Emirates Airlines to schedule an appointment at one of its visa centres in Dubai.

Emirates Airline Visa Fees in 2024 

The cost associated with obtaining a Dubai visa through Emirates Airlines, including Emirates Airline visa fees in 2024, varies depending on the type of visa. Travellers can apply for multiple visa types, each with its own fees. 

a) For 48 hours, the staying days allowed is 2 days or 48 hours; you have to pay US$10, and this visa is non-extendable. 

b) For 96 hours, the staying days allowed is 4 days from the arrival date, and you must pay US$30. This visa is also non-extendable. 

c) Short-term single entry tourist visa, the staying days allowed is 30 days from arrival date, and you must pay US$90. This visa is extendable, and you must pay an extra US$230 to extend it.

d) Short-term multiple entries tourist visa, you are allowed to have 30 days as staying days from the first entry and must pay US$175. This visa is extendable, and you must pay an extra US$230 to extend your visa.

e) Long-term single entry tourist visa, one can live or stay in the country for 90 days from arrival and must pay US$190. This visa is extendable for US$230.

f) Long-term multiple entries tourist visa, you are given 90 days of staying in the country from the first entry, and the fee charged for this visa is US$460. This visa is extendable for US$230.


In conclusion, Emirates Airlines offers a Dubai visa. But Dubai visit visa online offers a more convenient and affordable way to obtain a Dubai visa. By travelling through the airline, passengers can avoid the hassle and time commitment of applying for a visa through a consulate. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Visitors to Dubai will enjoy many activities and attractions to explore, making it the perfect destination for a vacation.

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