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Top 10 Job Hunting Tips in Dubai

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Looking for a job in Dubai that matches your skills while on a Dubai Visit Visa? Finding a suitable job in Dubai is a lengthy process. Many agents, consulting firms, and businesses hire individuals from all over the world. Companies in Dubai are also looking for employees in India. With the right network connection, you may now conduct interviews from the comfort of your own home. While applying for jobs is simple, getting a job is more complicated. So, while looking for a job in Dubai, you must devote your time.

This post has discussed all of the job-hunting strategies that you can use in Dubai to land a fantastic job. Some of them might also be related. However, the following suggestions will assist you with this article:

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  • The right resume or CV

When it comes to job hunting in Dubai, having the "correct" resume is crucial. You can check your resume to see if you have the following items.

  1. Add Your professional goals.
  2. Include your job title, length of service, and company information in your experience profile. If you have experience, this should come before your educational qualifications. In the following order: (recent first)
  3. Educational credentials - A brief tabular depiction of your educational credentials. In order of appearance.
  4. On the first page, provide a presentable photo.
  5. Make a two-page short resume and a two-page extended resume. When a detailed resume is requested, send the long resume.
  6. Include information about your certification.
  7. Include citation information.
  8. Include your skillset.
  • Search and Apply for jobs effectively

There is a skill section in every job searching platform. You can select your skill properly and find the proper job for you. Like, you can put the keyword ‘Java’ or the skill sets that are needed for Javascript, Spring. You can apply directly on the job site or use the recruiter's email address provided in the job advertisement to send your resume and cover letter by mail. Many recruiters prefer to receive applications via mail, which is why they provide an email address. If you submit your application via email, you will be given priority.

  •  English

Expect the interview to be conducted in English rather than your native tongue. Before the interview, one suggestion is to practice English conversation with a native speaker. If you're only traveling to the US to study rigorous English, be prepared to explain how English will help you in your native country.

  • Be Concise

Due to the high volume of applications submitted, all consular officers are under extreme time constraints to conduct a swift and effective interview. For the most part, they must base their judgment on the impressions they form in the first minute or two of the interview. As a result, the first thing you say and the first impression you make are crucial to your success. Keep your responses to the officer's queries brief and concise.

  • Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans

You may not be able to persuade the consular officer that you are planning to study rather than immigrate if you are unable to express the grounds for your decision to study in the United States. You should also be able to demonstrate how your studies in the US relate to your future professional career in your home country.

  • Recruitment agencies. 

A recruitment agency is your next best alternative. These organizations take a lot of the stress out of job hunting by doing the legwork for you and allowing you to work in Dubai as an Indian. Furthermore, many Dubai businesses hire through recruiting agencies, making it one of the greatest ways for Indians to find work in Dubai while using the Dubai Visit Visa. Jivaro Partners, ESP International, Robert Murray, and BAC Middle East are among the well-known agencies. 

  • Utilize social networking sites

You may have sent hundreds of applications but have yet to receive a response. Don't fall short. It's possible that those roles will be filled based on references. 

Use social networking sites or online communities to find references.

  • Make networks on LinkedIn, where you can connect with various HR and managers from various firms. You may already be doing so. But how do you put that to use? Once you've made the connection, send them an email asking if they have any current job openings that match your qualifications. If they're seeking someone like you right now, you'll get an opportunity immediately away. When sending an inquiry, don't forget to update your LinkedIn profile. Because in that scenario, they will immediately check your profile.
  • Apply with cover letter

Including a relevant cover letter with your application will give you a leg up on the competition. As a result, you must tailor your cover letter to the position you're applying for.

  • Online presence

You can establish an online presence by creating a profile on a professional networking site like LinkedIn and completing all of the parts.

Obtain recommendations from former managers and coworkers; this will really assist you in your next job search. In your resume, you should also provide the URL to your LinkedIn page.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude

You should not argue with the consular official. If you are denied a student visa, ask the officer for a list of documents that he or she recommends you bring to overcome the refusal, and try to acquire the rationale in writing.

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This article mentioned some of the important tips to get your job quickly in Dubai while on a Dubai Visit Visa. You can prepare for your interview according to your job requirements. Wish you very good luck with your job.