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employment visa requirements and visa application for dubai

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A person from any country who’s willing to work in another country needs to apply for an employment visa for Dubai. Of course, no doubt, Dubai is an expensive and luxurious country, and it is worth working in Dubai because even the pay is something that you would have dreamt of and something you would love to get.

One must apply for an employment visa because no one is allowed to enter Dubai without one if they want to work there. Citizens of countries with visa-free access to Dubai can enter Dubai easily, but at some point during their stay, they will need to apply for a visa in order to work in Dubai. Also, before applying for an employment visa, one should be aware that an employment visa is provided to senior management people specialists hired by international organizations who are given an opportunity to work in Dubai and to pursue their dreams. 

Requirements to obtain a Dubai employment visa

If any foreign national is applying for an employment visa in Dubai, then he/she must know the exact requirements of it before applying for a Dubai employment visa. One needs to apply for a residence permit and a work permit in order to live and work in Dubai. 

So, the requirements needed are:

  • An employment visa application form. 
  • All the correct and personal information to be filled in the employment visa application form are also to be carried in order to refrain from missing out on any information.
  • A valid passport holds a validity of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai.
  • Passport-sized photos of the applicant are also needed.
  • Photocopies of the first and last pages of the passport.
  • If one is applying for an employment visa to Dubai, then he/she will also need to provide health documents. 
  • A copy of the valid company profile is also needed.
  • The applicant must also have an entry permit to Dubai that is issued by the Ministry of Labor if required.

Lastly, the important thing is that the one filling out the application form has to fill it with all accuracy and refrain from making any kind of mistake further in the application form, and must carry all the documentation.

Work permit in Dubai

  • One also needs to apply for a work permit after applying for an employment visa.
  • One must possess the Employment contract of the company for which he/she has been hired.
  • Personal information about the applicant and a passport will also be needed.
  • The applicant must also provide lodging and travel information in Dubai.
  • The last thing is when the applicant will get rewarded with the work permit and can work in Dubai easily without facing any further complications.

The application process for an employment visa in Dubai

It's, of course, a long process in order to go through the whole application process, and one is needed to follow it in order to initiate working in Dubai. And for that, one will need to go through certain steps that are stated below.

  • Firstly, the employer will need to have approval from the Ministry of Labor to hire an employee from a foreign country.
  • Afterward, an entry permit visa for a month will be given to the applicant, and then the time increases, and one can apply for a family residence visa in Dubai, which is again an important thing and is obtained by the immigration authorities. 
  • The applicant will also need to apply for a work permit, and the procedure has been stated above. 
  • The applicant also needs to obtain a valid ID by visiting the Emirates ID center.
  • When one goes through all the procedures, a residence visa is then given to you, which is stamped on the passport. For that, one must have at least 2 pages included in their passport in order to get the visa stamped.


If someone wants to work in Dubai, it becomes a compulsory task for them to apply for an employment visa in Dubai, and this visa is also referred to as a work visa. And, in order to complete each step, one must first research the entire procedure and then proceed with precision and ease. The employment visa and the requirements and the application process are the parts that are not allowed to be skipped, so one must not forget anything while applying for an employment visa for Dubai. 

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