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Visa for Dubai

Travellers from all over the world can visit Dubai, a stunning city, and enjoy a wonderful experience. And in order to travel and be prepared from head to toe, you must pack your belongings and complete all of the necessary preparations for your vacation to Dubai. Then you must first obtain a Dubai visa in order to travel to this mesmerizing metropolis if Dubai is your intended next trip destination. You can enter, stay in, or depart Dubai whenever you want if you have a visa. Additionally, a Dubai visa enables legal admission into Dubai, so if you want to travel there, you must not skimp on this ticket to your ideal nation.


Types of Dubai visas that Kenya nationals can apply for

Short-term visa

This visa carries the ones for travel that are useful for short-term purposes like tourism and it comes under the single entry visa.

Long-term visa

This kind of visa is the one that allows you to be in Dubai for a longer duration of time and this visa comes under multiple entry visas.

Documents required for the application for a Dubai visa

1. Visa application form

If you're planning to apply for a visa to Dubai, the Dubai visa application form will be the first and most crucial item you need. You must have one, and you should easily fill it.

2. Personal details

Even more crucial is that you must have all of your personal information on hand while completing the Dubai visa application form. To avoid any problems when filling out the form, it is preferable to jot down every single item in advance and create a draft of it. Applicants frequently have a tendency to overlook details or make mistakes when filling out critical paperwork. Finally, using this approach will aid you right now without missing anything.

3. Passport

Your passport must be both current and original, as it is crucial for receiving a visa. Additionally, your passport must be valid for six months from the date of your entry into Dubai. Be mindful that it is really necessary. Another requirement is that your passport must have at least two vacant pages in the back so that you can use them for visa endorsement.

4. Photo

Passport-sized images are important. Every application requires passport-sized pictures, and applying for a visa is no exception.

5. Travel requirements

All necessary travel documentation for your journey to Dubai must be in your possession. It will be asked for during your visa application process.

6. Information on lodging 

You must know where you will stay when travelling and include that information when applying for a visa.

7. Vaccination certificate

For your own security and safety, you must get vaccinated. If you've not already, kindly do so to get a COVID-19 PCR test done


Applying for a Dubai visa from Kenya

You must first understand the procedures and format for requesting a visa for Dubai. Additionally, you can apply for a Dubai visa in a variety of ways, but you must carefully review all the necessary requirements in order to quickly obtain your visa. Steps for obtaining a Dubai visa through Dubai visit visa online.

  1. Complete the Dubai visa application by providing all your information and attaching the documents that are needed.
  2. Pay the visa fee as per required from the options available.
  3. Obtain your Dubai visa via mail or download it yourself.

And in order to apply for a Dubai visa, you can visit us on a Dubai visit visa online and can apply for the same in the most convenient manner without facing any unnecessary problems or delays.



As you get to explore and discover more and more through this, travelling is sure to provide you with a revitalizing sense and a more profound way of living. And here, the citizens of Kenya can apply freely and without any difficulty for a visa to Dubai thanks to a very simple application process. So gather your belongings, obtain a visa for Dubai, and take a flight to your destination of choice.

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