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How to apply for Dubai E-visa

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If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you might have heard people suggesting you an e-visa because of the benefits associated with it. However, several times, we find ourselves reluctant to try new things and force ourselves to stick to the traditional ways.

This article will explain to you why should one choose a Dubai e-visa along with the reasons behind the increasing popularity of e-visas, not only for Dubai but for all the countries that offer this option. By the end of this article, you’ll be convinced to discard the conventional ways of visa application and apply for a Dubai visa online.


Top 4 Benefits of an E-Visa

Traveling is full of complicated stuff and if you could eliminate a major hecticness, you could make your vacation much more enjoyable. And to help you get a visa sitting at your home, a Dubai visa online comes into the picture.

Here are some considerable benefits of choosing an e-visa for your trip to Dubai.

1.   Ease of Applying for a Visa

The most prominent benefit of going for an e-visa is the level of convenience that it offers to the applicant. A paper visa s much behind when it comes to convenience and here are the reasons for this.

Firstly, embassies/consulates operate on strict working hours and limited time. You can submit an application from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm, indicating that you might need to miss your office or work to submit your application. Secondly, you might need to travel a lot if you stay far away from the embassy or in rural areas, which is yet another burden on your tender shoulders.

Rescuing you from this chaos, an e-visa allows you to apply for a visa without moving an inch from your place and that too, from anywhere from all around the globe. There are no working hours or public holidays and the portal is accessible 24x7.

2.   Time and Cost-Efficient

E-visas are much more time and cost-efficient than a traditional visa and here are the reasons.

  • You need not take a leave from your office/work
  • No wastage of effort in traveling to and back from the embassy
  • No cost of fuel and transport
  • No long queues or waiting at the embassy for completing paperwork or paying the visa fee
  • No prior appointment has to be taken
  • No bundles of documents to be carried to the embassy

  Clearly, you’ll save a considerable amount if you go for an e-visa to Dubai.

3.   Sustainable Method of Visa Application

Since it involves minimal or no paperwork involved in an e-visa, it is much more sustainable and environment-friendly than a paper visa. Moreover, the applicant saves on fuel as he need not travel to the embassy/consulate for submitting his visa application.

If you apply for an e-visa, you need to submit digital copies of all the necessary documents, and that too, 100% online. This makes an e-visa a worth-it option in 2024. 

4.   Enhances Security

Another major benefit of an e-visa is security. It enhances the level of security for border control. Also, digital applications make it easy for the government to create an electronic database for travelers, which is a great way to make international travel much more secure.

How to get a Dubai E-Visa

You can get a Dubai visa through the ICA portal or our website. Dubai Visit Visa Online is a comprehensive platform offering all visa-related services under one roof. The company flaunts a 100% visa approval rate and complete assurance on visa applications. We have provided visa approval to more than 500k customers and are looking for a chance to provide you with the best e-visa services for Dubai.


The Bottom Line

Clearly, an e-visa enjoys an edge over a traditional visa. Make proper use of the technology that we have in our hands and get your Dubai e-visa today.

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