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Convert Dubai Visit Visa to Employment Visa

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) beckons as a land of abundant opportunities, luring expatriates worldwide with its thriving job market, opulent lifestyle, and iconic skyline. Many individuals initially embark on their UAE journey with visit visas, nurturing dreams of securing lucrative job prospects. Switching from a visit visa to an employment visa is a significant and routine process. In this blog, we are here to guide you, step by step, through this transition for a seamless experience.

Suppose you aspire to travel to the UAE in pursuit of employment or currently hold a Dubai visit visa converted to an employment visa with intentions to travel there. In that case, it's paramount to grasp the timeline involved in this process. A solid understanding of processing times is critical to sidestep any fines arising from visa overstays. Typically, changing a visit visa to an employment visa in the UAE takes approximately 7 to 14 days.

The reassuring aspect is that you must conclude only some of the visa conversion process within this stipulated timeframe to avert penalties. The pivotal factor is initiating the visa alteration process within the prescribed timeframe. This proactive approach ensures that your visa status is in the process of legitimate adjustment, safeguarding against fines linked to the overstay of your visit visa.

Documents Needed to Convert Dubai Visit Visa to Employment Visa

Here's a list of required documents to convert a Dubai visit visa to a work visa.

  1. A meticulously completed application form. 
  2. The candidate's original passport, along with a photocopy. 
  3. Several passport-sized photos of the applicant. 
  4. A copy of a valid company card must be provided. 
  5. Submission of the applicant's health certificate is necessary. 
  6. A Ministry of Labor entry permit is a compulsory requirement.
  7. Evidence of payment for the application is required.

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A Guide to the Sequential Process of Convert Tourist Visa to an Employment Visa

The following outlines the procedure for converting a visit visa into a work visa in UAE

  1. To begin, obtain the offer letter from your potential employer.
  2. Ensure you promptly accept and sign the offer letter within a day to confirm your commitment to your employer.
  3. Following that, your employer will initiate the process of obtaining a quota and labour contract on your behalf for your employment in the UAE. Once approved, you and your employer must sign the labour contract, which typically takes 2 to 3 working days.
  4. Subsequently, your employer will proceed to apply for your residence entry permit, typically a one-day process.
  5. Change of status can be completed within a single day.
  6. Undergo a medical examination, which typically requires two days for regular applicants and one day for VIPs.
  7. After that, biometric data will be collected, and your Emirates ID will be processed, generally taking 2 to 3 working days.

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How Long Does a Dubai Employment Visa Remain Valid?

The Dubai entry permit is valid 60 days from the issuance date. Within this timeframe, you must travel to Dubai and complete the subsequent procedures to obtain your UAE work permit, labour card, and Emirates ID. Once these documents are in place, the validity of your tourist visa to working visa in Dubai will depend on the specific visa type, typically 1 to 3 years.

UAE Employment Visa Rules 2024

In 2024, for lawful employment in the UAE, both you and the hiring company must meet the following criteria:

1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 to be eligible for employment.

2. Valid Company License: The company hiring you must possess a valid operating license.

3. Compliance with Regulations: The hiring company should not have any regulatory violations to qualify for employing individuals.

4. Job Relevance: Your employment must align with the nature of the hiring company's business activities.

Ensuring these conditions are met is essential for a lawful and compliant working arrangement in the UAE.

How do I Obtain a Work Permit in the UAE?

To acquire a work permit in the UAE via the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), adhere to these steps:

1. Job Offer: Secure a job offer from a UAE-based employer.

2. Employer's Role: The employer initiates the work permit application process on your behalf.

3. Document Submission: Provide the necessary documents, including your passport, passport-sized photos, educational certificates, and a copy of the employment contract.

4. Entry Permit Application: Your employer applies for an entry permit on your behalf through the MOHRE's online portal.

5. Status Change: Once the entry permit is approved, you enter the UAE and undergo medical examinations.

6. Work Permit Issuance: Your employer applies for the work permit through the MOHRE, issued upon approval.

7. Residence Visa Application: Apply for a residence visa and, if required, for an Emirates ID.

8. Labour Card Issuance: Obtain a Labour Card, another essential document the MOHRE issued, to validate your employment.

9. Continuous Compliance: Both you and your employer must adhere to MOHRE regulations to maintain legal employment status.

Please note that requirements and procedures can vary, so it's recommended to consult the MOHRE or your employer for the latest and most accurate information.

Factors Contributing to Employment Visa Processing Delays

Converting from a Tourist visa to an employment residence visa in the UAE may entail several days. If your prospective employer mentions any of the following reasons, it is advisable to consider extending your UAE visit visa promptly.

1. Document Verification:

It involves a prolonged process of scrutinizing the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted employment documents. Delays may arise as authorities meticulously review the provided paperwork, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and confirming the integrity of the information provided by the applicant.

2. Quota Limitations:

Employment visa delays can result from quota restrictions imposed by the government, where the allocated number of visas for a specific sector or profession has been reached, requiring employers to wait until new quotas are assigned.

3. Policy Changes

It refers to unexpected alterations in immigration regulations or policies, which can directly impact the processing time of employment visas. These unforeseen adjustments may require authorities to adapt procedures, potentially causing delays as the system accommodates the new regulatory framework.

4. National Holidays:

National holidays can interrupt the regular workflow of immigration authorities, leading to delays in processing Working Visa as government offices observe closures.

5. Ramadan Observance: 

During the holy month of Ramadan, operational hours of government offices are often reduced. This can extend the processing time for tourist visas to employment visas in Dubai as the authorities may work slower during this period.

6. Incomplete Documentation at PRO and Typing Centers:

Delays occur when documents submitted to Public Relations Officers (PRO) or typing centres need to be completed or contain errors. Additional verification processes may be necessary, contributing to a prolonged processing period for employment visas.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining an Employment Visa in the UAE?

 Comprehending the UAE Employment Visa Procedure is essential for those pursuing regional job opportunities. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the emirate of employment initiates the Residence Visa application after you enter the UAE with MoHRE approval.

Once the GDRFA approves the application, they will imprint an Employment Visa (Residence Visa for employment purposes) onto your passport. Additionally, you will receive an Emirates ID with validity aligned to the duration of the visa. Furthermore, a Labour Card will be provided as documentation to authorities that you possess the necessary authorization to work in the UAE. This procedural understanding is pivotal for individuals navigating the intricacies of the UAE's employment visa process.

Conversion and UAE Work Permit Fees

The UAE Work Permit Costs are outlined as follows:

1. Requesting Initial Approval for a New Electronic Work Permit:

AED 200 for all categories/levels

2. Approval of the New Electronic Work Permit (including worker's recruitment, hiring, and Labour Card):

  • Category 1: AED 300
  • Category 2:  Level A: AED 600, Level B: AED 1,500, Level C: AED 2,000
  • Category 3: AED 5,000 For foreign workers over the age of 65: AED 5,000 across all categories

3. Conversion Fee from Dubai Visit Visa to Employment Visa:

  •  Indian Nationals: Dhs. 2,000
  • Other Nationalities: Dhs. 3,000

The Dubai immigration office requires individuals to submit their passports and an application form to begin the conversion process.


A Dubai visit visa can converted to an employment visa, which demands thorough planning and strict adherence to the prescribed protocols. By diligently following the steps in this guide, you can ensure a seamless transition and lawful employment in the UAE. Maintaining open communication with your employer and seeking guidance from the appropriate authorities is essential to guarantee a successful visa conversion process. If you have any queries or require assistance, feel free to contact the Dubai Visit Visa Online team, who will guide and assist you in processing your conversion from a Dubai visit visa online to a work visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- How long does it typically take to get a visit visa converted to an employment visa in Dubai?
Ans- If you're looking to work in the UAE or already hold a visit visa with plans to convert it to an employment visa, understanding the processing time is crucial to avoid overstaying fines. The visa conversion process typically takes 7 to 14 days, allowing you to change your status and prevent penalties without completing the entire process.

Ques- Can I convert my visit visa to an employment visa without exiting the UAE?
Ans- It is possible to convert your visit visa to an employment visa without leaving the UAE, subject to the applicable immigration regulations and procedures.

Ques- What medical criteria are necessary for obtaining a Dubai work visa?
Ans- Dubai's work visa medical requirements may involve a health assessment, including tests for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Applicants may be required to furnish a medical certificate affirming their overall health. Verifying these requirements with the relevant authorities or your employer is essential, as they can change.

Ques- What is the process for converting a 3-month tourist visa into an employment visa in Dubai?
Ans- To change a 3-month tourist visa to an employment visa in Dubai, secure a job offer, have your employer act as a sponsor, submit required documents, undergo a medical examination, apply for an Emirates ID, and await visa processing by relevant authorities.

Ques- Is it possible to extend or renew a UAE work visa?
Ans- UAE work visas can be renewed by submitting the necessary documents and following immigration procedures. Initiating the renewal before the visa expires is crucial to prevent legal complications. Requirements may vary, so consult relevant authorities or employers for the latest information on UAE work visa renewals.

Ques- How can I renew my employment visa in Dubai?
Ans- To renew your employment visa in Dubai, submit the required documents to your employer, undergo any necessary medical examinations, pay applicable fees, and await the relevant authorities' processing and approval of your renewal application.

Ques- What is pre-approval for a work permit in UAE? 
Ans- In the UAE, pre-approval for a work permit is the first step for employers seeking confirmation from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to hire a foreign worker. This involves providing details about the job position and ensuring compliance with regulations. Once pre-approved, the employer can proceed with the formal work permit application for the employee.

Ques- What is the Work Permit Number in UAE? 
Ans- The Work Permit Number in the UAE is a unique code linked to an individual's work permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). It is crucial for tracking, verifying, and ensuring legal employment authorization, benefiting the employer and employee.