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rights every domestic worker in dubai should be aware of

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Those seeking employment as domestic assistants in the United Arab Emirates should be informed of their rights and responsibilities in terms of job hours, vacation time, sick leaves, healthcare coverage, etc. The UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, approved a new law that benefits domestic workers and their owners.

The written law denotes a standardized working contract between an owner and an employed domestic assistant. This is accomplished by establishing norms and harmonizing with Abu Dhabi laws and foreign labor laws.

What Is a Domestic Worker?

Domestic workers are individuals who operate in or for a personal home or family. They offer active and passive care facilities and hence play an important role in the care economy. Housework, cooking, laundering and ironing clothing, looking after children, aged or sick relatives, planting, house guarding, driving for the family, and sometimes even caring for house pets may be part of the profession. 

A domestic worker can work full-time or part-time; may well be engaged by a single home or via or by a service supplier; may dwell in the boss's household (live-in worker) or his as well as her own home (live-out).


Domestic Workers Entitlements

  • Domestic employees are entitled to one day of paid relaxation every week, according to the legislation.
  • 12 hours of sleep each day, comprising 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep;
  • Employer-provided health coverage;
  • 30 days of annual medical absence;
  • Every 2 years, a round-trip flight home;
  • A nice place to stay;
  • Good dinners at the cost of the employer;
  • Clothes, if needed by the business, at the expense of the company;
  • Ownership of personal identifying documents such as passports, IDs, and so on; 

A disagreement can be referred to by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization by either the company or the employee. The government will strive to settle the disagreement amicably within 2 weeks. If no settlement is achieved, the case will be heard in court. Lawsuits filed by employees are free from court expenses at all levels of dispute and should be heard as soon as possible.

Legal Prohibitions

The aforementioned are prohibited by law:

  1. The hiring of anybody under the age of 18
  2. Exposure to bodily damage' and allocation of responsibilities not authorized under the agreement.
  3. The contract states a regular weekly day off, a minimum of 12 hours of relaxation, the opportunity to store personal papers, and 30 days of paid yearly vacation time.
  4. The governed legislation demands at least 18 years, which corresponds to worldwide labour law, which prohibits employing youngsters.
  5. It’s been decided that recruitment agencies must teach their workers about the nature of the job, surroundings, remuneration or pay, and their planned rest periods in compliance with the law.


Regulation of Recruitment Agencies

Domestic employees may only be recruited into the UAE by UAE-registered organic or legal entities in good shape. An organization may not, alone or via a 3rd person, solicit or take any type of compensation in return for hiring from just about any worker, whether before or after hiring.

In the case of an immediate withdrawal, the firm must return the worker at its cost and either give the company an adequate alternative worker or refund the amount paid. The agency must always treat the worker with respect and refrain from subjecting him or her to any kind of violence.

Dubai Visa For Domestic Workers

Like in other nations, a Dubai Maid Visa is a formal document that allows a worker to work as a household worker in Dubai. Employing a maid or domestic assistance in Dubai might be a difficult undertaking if you are unfamiliar with the norms and restrictions. To be explicit, the person who wants to employ a maid in Dubai or the UAE must sponsor the maid. The vast majority of foreign households are unsure how to employ a maid. All who intend to support a maid should be aware that some specific guidelines and processes must be followed.



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