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what is a dubai household visa

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Employing a full-time maid or nanny is indeed a huge saviour for many ex-pats. Endorsing a domestic assistant in Dubai may help you manage your home more slowly and properly if you're busy with your profession or family, or just need to have some additional helpers around the house. As their sponsors, you would be responsible for their visa processing and other regulations, hence here is all you need to know about the "Dubai household visa".

Additionally, if you are someone looking for a house-help job in Dubai then this information would also be relevant to your knowledge and requirements.

More Information About Hiring Maids In Dubai

The very first step in figuring out how to support a maid in Dubai is, of course, becoming acquainted with all the rules and laws involved in the procedure. It's an enormous responsibility and also the process would require a good investment of funds. because the person hiring aka the sponsor, you'll even be answerable for his/her remuneration and other benefits. That's why it is crucial to note the regulations for bringing a maid to Dubai as well as the contract conditions you desire to fulfil.

 Whether you're looking for a full-time babysitter to look after your children or just a housekeeper to help all around the house, these occupations are classified as contracts and are controlled by the UAE Domestic Labor Law, which is defined by the UAE Government. A total payment with a minimum of AED 6,000 or AED 5,000 including lodging is required to maintain a maid in Dubai.

A Dubai housekeeper visa may only be provided by the head of the family, who is generally a man. In Dubai, men do not appear to be permitted to support a maid. A further critical step in determining how and where to hire a maid/nanny in Dubai is determining how you wish to finish the procedure on your own or contact some outside agency to help. It is worth noting that some organizations only pertain to a tourist visa for the maid, and as a funder, you would then have to re-apply for the maid's residence permit yourself, which would be an additional cost. To save this additional fee, you may register for a maids UAE resident visa alone while a company manages the other formalities like buying travel tickets and writing contracts.


  • Eligibility

Obtaining a maid's visa in Dubai is just a simple and uncomplicated procedure. The top of the family (usually the male) is often the sponsor of this visa. To be qualified for this visa, you have to have a monthly income of approximately AED 25,000, a rental agreement (for at least a 2-bedroom property), and an Ejari declaration.

  • Validity

1 Year, the UAE maid visa has a one-year expiration duration and must be renewed annually. Other UAE job visas are valid for two or three years.

Below we've listed all costs associated with getting a maid visa and also the renewal costs for you to induce a thought of what quantity has to be spent for two years.


Documents You Want To Provide

When registering for a maid visa, you should present the following papers. We will handle your legal interpretation and certification, as well as obtain your first Emirates ID.

  • Sponsor's pay document in Arabic (for government employees) OR Sponsor's labour contract (for private employees).
  • Sponsor's passport photocopy, wife/passport partner's copy, and both residency visa pages.
  • Marriage certificate – attested
  • Maid's passport photos (minimum 3 required)
  • If the maid is of the same nation, an application from the foreign office verifying non-relationship is required.
  • Bank statement 3 months
  • Original Emirates ID



A big chunk of the experts living in Dubai is looking for maids within the country. Many maids move employers as a result of Dubai's autonomous employee/employer guidelines and rules. If your maid's residency visa was cancelled and you still want to pursue the maid visa, you may begin the process right away. If you wish a while to gather the required documents and find document attestation, you'll be able to get a tourist visa without exit. To grasp more of the procedure head to Dubai Visit Visa Online.

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