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transit visa policy of dubai

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Depending on your country, you may need to apply for a UAE Transit Visa if you want to halt in the UAE on your route to a third location. If you’re transiting through Dubai, you will only need a transit visa if you plan on leaving the airport premises. The transit visa is typically used when visitors are heading to another nation but will have a layover in between flights and will need the authorization to enter the country. The transit visa in Dubai is usually utilized when the following flight is longer than 8 hours. Dubai offers a 48-hour and 96-hour transit visa which allows tourists to stay up to 4 days before leaving for their actual destination. 

Do I need a transit visa for Dubai?

Kindly validate your visa requirements before traveling to the UAE to ensure that you have a valid visa if one is required, or that your passport is valid for a minimum amount of time. Different entrance criteria may apply to holders of nonstandard passports and travel papers. There are a handful of nationalities that are not eligible for a transit visa in Dubai. While certain nationalities do not need a transit visa for Dubai at all. 

How to apply for a Dubai transit visa?

Before you go, you must apply for a UAE Transit Visa. However, just as with other types of UAE visas, you must have a sponsor who may apply on your behalf at a UAE embassy or consulate abroad. Only your UAE-based airline can sponsor you if you require a transit visa in Dubai/UAE. They will arrange for your transit visa to be issued by the necessary visa granting authorities in the UAE. If you know you'll be stopping in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or another emirate on your route to a third location, you should contact your airline to begin the transit visa application procedure.

What are the requirements for a UAE transit visa?

  • You must have a valid passport. The validity of the passport must be at least 3 months after your travel. 
  • You must have passport size pictures of yourself and they must fulfill the guidelines set by the UAE embassy. 
  • You must have a flight ticket to your next destination. 
  • You need to book a hotel in UAE and provide proof of booking. 
  • Before your transit, you need to inform the airline and get them to sponsor your transit visa. 
  • Depending on your country of residency, additional papers may be necessary.

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Where to apply for the Dubai Transit visa?

The UAE embassy does not issue transit visas. A transit visa can only be procured in the form of an E-visa. To get the E-visa you can apply at Dubai Visit Visa online. If you're flying to or stopping in Dubai, you may apply for and obtain your UAE visa online, eliminating the need to send your passport in for stamping. The Dubai visit visa online promotes a hassle-free transit for all tourists halting in this beautiful city. This permit also grants you the opportunity to briefly roam and explore the city.

How long will the transit visa take to process?

Since there are 2 types of transit visas that you can choose from, they both have different processing times. 

  • 48- Hour transit visa: This visa is valid for 30 days after issuing and only has a stay validity of 48 hours. It has a 48-hour processing time.
  • 96-Hour transit visa: This visa is also only valid for 30 days. It takes 2-3 business days for it to get processed.


It is fairly easy for tourists to apply for the Dubai visit visa online. They just need to be in possession of all mandatory documents, apply, pay the fees, and wait for the confirmation email. Since the transit visa lets you stay in Dubai for up to 4 days you must take advantage of this opportunity and explore the glorious, world-famous streets and stores of Dubai. 

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