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new changes implemented in golden visa

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If you want to visit Dubai after a long time, you can apply for a Dubai Golden visa. Of course, you would want to get away from the boredom and stress of everyday life and take a family holiday to a certain location. And if that particular location is Dubai, what could be more exciting and interesting than that, given Dubai's unparalleled beauty?

Anyone can apply for a Golden Visa to Dubai at any time during the year. And it's vital to note that if you wish to visit or live in Dubai for an extended amount of time, you'll need to apply for a Dubai Golden visa. Only nationals of the countries that have been granted visa-free entry to Dubai are permitted to visit without a visa, those who do not have visa-free access must apply for one. Also, you should be aware that possessing a visa signifies your legal admission into the place or nation you are going to, therefore get one.


What is a Dubai Golden visa?

  • Dubai provides you with a very essential visa, the Dubai Golden visa, which is issued to visitors to Dubai who are visiting for very vital reasons.
  • A golden visa is a long-term visa that allows you to visit Dubai frequently during the validity of your visa. It is, of course, a multiple-entry visa. Individuals are granted Dubai golden visas that are good for 5–10 years, however, the visa must be renewed on a regular basis or a fine would be applied.
  • Since it's designed for international talents to live, perform, and pursue their goals, one can apply for a Golden Visa to Dubai to meet their own needs of showing their talents. It even allows you to stay in the country for longer periods of time and provides you with a slew of benefits each time.
  • Businesspeople, researchers, excellent graduate students, entertainers, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes are among those who can apply for a Dubai golden visa.
  • Additionally, anyone with a property in Dubai worth Dh2 million or more is eligible to apply for a Golden Visa. The properties in these categories should not have any outstanding loans, making them eligible for a Dubai golden visa.

New changes added to Dubai golden visa

Dubai golden visa is now having certain changes implemented in it such as –

  1. The entire country of UAE has extended the limit of the Golden visa system. It now provides an expanded amount of residency which is for 10 years in the Gulf state and 10 years is such a long time. Also, this benefit has been provided to certain professionals such as specialized degree-holders, reputed people, and others. And all this news has been delivered by the Vice president of UAE and has inculcated a sense of relief in many.
  2. Foreigners in the UAE often hold renewable visas that are related to jobs and are only valid for a few years. In recent years, the government has made its visa rules more flexible, allowing some categories of investors, students, and professionals to stay for longer periods of time, which is again a new benefit.
  3. Another major change to the golden visa is the reduction in real estate investment size - the investment amount has been reduced to AED 2 million (roughly Rs 4.2 crore) from AED 5 million (roughly Rs 10.4 crore) previously, while the visa duration has been extended to 10 years from five years previously.



As all of you know that the Dubai visit visa is a really important pass and is something that most of us crave because obviously, Dubai is a beautiful country to visit and everyone would want to visit there. Now here that Dubai golden visas are obtained for some special purposes by many so it’s obvious that it is to have some reformed ways in the implementation of the Dubai golden visa. It is now having some cool benefits for its users and the people visiting Dubai.

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