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The government of the United Arab Emirates has implemented a new system aimed at attracting and retaining worldwide talents and skilled professionals from all over the world, enhancing the labor market, and raising people's sense of security and stability. The program known as The Visa, Entry, and Residence Scheme affords various categories of entry visas with more streamlined requests and greater benefits. Visas holders do not need a sponsor or host, provide more opportunities, allow multiple entries throughout 60-days, and are available on the Visa Application for both the single or multiple entries in that year.

What is affected by the new rules?

To all the visitors, the latest UAE 5-year multiple entries traveling visa has been launched. This new update in visas does not need a supporter and allows visitors to live for 90 straight days. The visa may be raised, provided that the total duration of living cannot be exceeded over 180 days in a year. Visitors have to fulfill specific standards, including having the lowest credit, but the visitor will not extend the need for a supporter as the domain of the application.

The UAE's new labor legislation includes annual leave, public holidays, gratuities, and other provisions. Indeed, the new legal regulation implies both the public and the private sector workers. It came up with two new visas: 60-day visas and 90-day visas for some countries. Not only this they also came up with a Green visa and Golden visa residence- permit.

Green visa- A green visa outlined in the UAE's visa plan will allow foreigners to work there without being sponsored by an employer. This change significantly differs from the existing policy that mandates that a worker be sponsored by a local employer, who then applies for permission from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Golden visa- If a person wishes to apply for a 10-year visa, she /he doesn’t need to have a sponsor, provided that the excess investments in the UAE are at least AED 2 million. It could be in the kind of financial investments in the UAE; or a commercial or industrial license of an investor, where the regulation of the firm's legal entity mentions the amount paid up in the name of said investment in a commercial or industrial-licensed.

The document of the memorandum of association of their business entity, paid up in equity, mentions the number of funds equal to the equity their investment exceeds Dh 2 million, or they are the key economic assets of the organization in Dubai got an idea of Dh 2.5M in regards to corporate taxation in the emirate. The visitors may also enjoy their spouses and dependents when applying to receive the Golden Visa.

How to apply for a Dubai visit visa?

Intensified changes are introduced to the Golden Residence Program to increase the categories of beneficiaries and simplify the eligibility criteria. The Golden Residence is benefitted many peoples including, investors, entrepreneurs, talented individuals, scientists, experienced workers, high-quality college pupils, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline workers.

The Golden Residence holder can no longer limit the number of domestic workforce employees of the residence sponsor, and he may now sponsor all family members, including his or her spouse and children, regardless of age, and he may also sponsor support services workers without restriction in their number. In addition, there is no restriction on the length of time that Golden Residence can continue to be valid outside the EU. Benefits are offered to relatives in the meantime of the death of the original permit-holder on the Golden Residence.

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What are the new conditions of a Dubai visit visa?

To get you are required to fulfill certain conditions without getting fail. These conditions are:

  • An application form that should have all necessary information is required.
  • It’s vital should be able to provide passports of the promoter family and affiliates.
  • You should have the capability to prove that you are sponsoring your partner or spouse if you plan to provide evidence for the legal transition.
  • A birth certificate should be provided if you sponsor children.
  • Copies of identity proofs.
  • Latest Photographs.
  • If you are working there, then you have to give your employer's details and job details. 
  • Your visit purpose and duration should be stated in your cover letter.
  • Monetary funds to subsidize your visit.

How long can I stay in Dubai on a visit visa?

Earlier with hen, the Changement as don visitor who wants to come on vacation to UAE can only live there for only 30-days. But now they are allowed days. 

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Conditions before the change in visa policy?

Earlier, most of the visitors received a thirty-day visa on arrival then after spending their 30 days in the country. In case the visitor has failed to get a renewal for his visa the visitor would have to bear the fines of Dhs100 each day and for each day of overstay.

Changes after the new visa policy?

After the change in the visa policy, the staying legality of the tourist has increased for certain countries' citizens. And the latest UAE 5-year multiple entries traveling visa have been launched. The scheme gives many options and relaxation to the visitors coming to the country UAE.


In conclusion, visitors to Dubai must understand visa rules so they can make the most of their time traveling the city. However, there are still several ways to obtain a visa so those who wish to visit Dubai should research their option carefully.

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