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Dubai 5-year tourist visa

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If you are the one who’s planning to travel to Dubai or have planned for the same, then you would surely want to get a Dubai tourist visa and about the place for sure. And once you become aware of the place that you are traveling to, then traveling gives you more joy. So, to begin with, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world and lies in the lap of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai brings you everything that you’d ever want to set your eyes on since the beauty that Dubai carries is just unmatched. This place is not only beautiful but is also the home to the tallest building in the world, which is the Burj Khalifa, and it’s something that makes Dubai even more special. One should definitely visit Dubai if one wants to explore it to the fullest.

You can always visit the website Dubai visit visa online to get a Dubai tourist visa for 30 or 90 days to visit for a month or a few.

What is a five-year tourist visa to Dubai?

You might know about a tourist visa, which is mainly issued to a person visiting Dubai for tourism purposes. Tourist visas are solely made for tourists visiting Dubai so that they can travel there and explore to the fullest. And now, the UAE has begun issuing five-year multiple-entry tourist visas for tourists to Dubai so that they can travel whenever they wish to and can have frequent visits in order to cater to their needs.

Also, the 5-year multiple entry visa is valid for a specific amount of time, which is for 90 days on each visit. Visitors can enter Dubai on a 5-year multiple entry visa as many times as they want, but one needs to know that they shouldn’t exceed the validity of their visa and should apply for a renewal of their visa from time to time.


Can I get a visa for five years?

People traveling to Dubai from all over the world can have access to Dubai with a tourist visa, and those who are visa-exempt to Dubai need not apply for a visa as long as they are allowed to be in the country. If we talk about a five-year tourist visa, then yes, one can get a tourist visa for five years to Dubai and it is granted to everyone who wants to visit and travel to Dubai for tourism purposes. One must know that it is valid for five years but just requires renewal.

Also, having a 5-year visa to Dubai serves you different purposes regarding your travel, which is another plus point of having this visa.

Requirements for a 5-year tourist visa to Dubai

  1.  A complete visa application form.
  2. All the important information such as your full name, address, date of birth, etc.
  3. You also needs to have a valid passport, which should be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai, and it must also have at least 2 blank pages included at the end.
  4. You must also provide health documents.
  5. A healthy bank statement for the last 6 months will also be of use.
  6. Passport-sized photos must also be provided, and they must be brightly colored and no older than 3-6 months.
  7. The applicant must also provide his/her travel details and lodging details.
  8. A proper email ID in order to receive the visa confirmation mail.
  9. To pay the visa fees, one must also have a valid payment method.

NOTE: While filling out the visa application form, the applicant must make sure not to commit any mistakes and to fill in every single piece of information in an accurate way and provide correct  Dubai visa requirements so that you do not face any further issues in the processing of your visa. If you fill out the wrong information, it can delay your visa processing and, in some cases, can also lead to the cancellation of your visa.



In order to apply for a 5-year tourist visa to Dubai, one first needs to go through every single step and research thoroughly. All of the processes just need three steps, which are to fill out the visa form, pay the visa fee, and lastly, when receiving your visa via mail. And to get through it, one must have the right documentation and exact details so that you can have a smooth processing of your visa. Dubai visit visa online is always there to assist you in obtaining a Dubai tourist visa.

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