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dubai visit safe or not

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Whenever traveling somewhere, especially to a foreign country, the main question that arises before someone amidst all the planning is whether that country is safe to travel to or not. Just like that, before traveling to Dubai the question arises if Dubai is safe or not. You just need to read this article to find out the answer to whether Dubai is safe or not

Is Dubai Safe?

Yes, foreigners, including Americans, are safe in Dubai. Dubai is a Persian Gulf oasis that travelers rated highly as one of the safest metropolitan areas in the world in 2020, but foreigners should be knowledgeable of local laws and customs as well.

There is little doubt that Dubai is a safe place for tourists. Because Dubai is heavily policed, violent crime against tourists is uncommon.

The majority of tourist-related crime in Dubai is likely to be minor offenses such as picking pockets, fraud, or sexual misconduct.

Furthermore, Dubai escaped the pandemic unharmed, with only minor travel limitations. Emirates Airlines has nearly a full routine, and all that is required to take a flight is a negative COVID test.

Sharia Laws And Bans 

Dubai strictly follows Sharia (long-established Islamic religious law). There is very little acceptance of same-sex relationships, and a variety of common behaviors are prohibited, such as:

  • PDA (including same-sex PDA)
  • Drunkenness in public
  • Having CBD-containing products
  • Immodest clothing, particularly for women (which consists of bare arms, low necklines, and short shorts)
  • Swearing
  • Misapplication of social media and/or the internet
  • Inappropriate gestures
  • Unauthorized photography of people and government buildings
  • Objecting to the government

Dubai puts more emphasis on strict law prosecution, with rigid punishments varying from huge fines to prison time for those arrested.

Women and LGBTQ+ travellers may face harsher penalties and fewer protections.


There is also a continuing danger of terrorist behavior directed at specific targets such as:

  • Hotels and nightclubs for tourists
  • Sporting occasions
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Worship locations
  • Public transportation is available.

According to the State Department, Dubai is a medium-risk destination for terrorist behavior, with terrorist aims along with most locations where foreigners might be observed.

Picking Pockets And Fraud

Picking pockets on public travel services is relatively frequent, and online fraud cases are not uncommon. The following are some of the most familiar frauds:

  • Online dating/romance
  • Transferring funds
  • Purchase of gold
  • Lotteries
  • Notices of Inherited wealth
  • Work permits/job opportunities
  • Overpayments at the bank

Safety According To Climate

Dubai lies in the desert. Temperatures frequently surpass 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels are high. If you want to cool off, the waters surrounding the UAE are renowned for rip tides, which can drag an unexpecting swimmer out beyond sea.


The percentage of traffic incidents in Dubai is very high, owing primarily to increased speed.

Pedestrians are also in danger. In Dubai, vehicles frequently fail to halt at assigned pedestrian crosswalks.

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Public Transport Services

Taxis and ride-sharing facilities, as well as public transportation, are usually safe in Dubai. Make sure the driver's name and identity number are displayed in the back; if in doubt, photograph the details. Only take licensed taxis, and never seek a ride from a stranger.

Taxi riders must avoid having to sit in the front seat of a taxi and must be aware that some taxi drivers may misinterpret 'small talk' as over-friendliness.

Taxis driven by women are accessible in some airports and by conveyance for the sole use of female travelers. The pink rooftops of these specialized vehicles help female travelers recognize them.

Safety For Women In Dubai

Women visiting Dubai on their own are usually safe. Even so, it is critical to:

  • Wear a conservative outfit.
  • Continue to travel in groups or pairs (particularly after dark)
  • Make no eye contact with men.
  • Avoid going to bars, clubs, or hotels where prostitutes may be present.
  • Never trust beverages from strangers or leave unsupervised drinks.

Never Break The Laws

What holds here also pertains in other heavily policed cities such as Singapore: If you are suspected of breaking the law, your cluelessness would not get you off the hook.

The smartest thing you can do before visiting Dubai is to learn about the laws. That will provide you with the most detailed understanding of Dubai's laws affecting travellers, as well as what can occur to you if you disobey the law.

Once you've learned the laws, follow them. It's not that difficult. Save the partying for the hotel bar and/or the next location; instead, take in the natural and man-made wondrous things and relax. You'll have a fantastic time.

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With all of this, you could perhaps assume of Dubai is dangerous for tourists – but you'd be completely mistaken. Under many situations, the United Arab Emirates is indeed very secure for most travelers as long as they stay inside the borders.