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importance of having UAE Golden Residence permits

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Dubai has the mojo to compel any traveler to make the country his new home. Applying for a residency in a new country comes with a number of challenges but with the coming up of the Dubai Golden visa, the country has made this transition of moving to Dubai super smooth and easy. In this article, we’ll help you understand the importance of Golden residence in UAE and all perks you’ll be enjoying if you make the country your new home. You’ll also get to know the terms that every Golden residence holder has to agree to in Dubai.


Golden Residence in Dubai - What Does it Mean

A Golden residence is a permit issued to a foreign national by the government of UAE, allowing him long-term residency in the country. This permission is granted if the government approves his/her Dubai Golden visa.

The Golden residency was introduced in the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 56 of 201 of 2018. Under this resolution, different categories of foreign nationals were permitted to obtain a Golden residency (or long-term residency) in any of the 7 emirates in UAE.

This initiative attracted many foreign nationals, especially in Dubai and this was much expected because of the kind of lifestyle the country enjoys.

Top Benefits of Golden Residency in Dubai

Golden residency in Dubai comes with some considerable benefits that would surely compel you to get your Golden visa today without wasting a minute. Here is a list of a few benefits that you’ll be entitled to if you own a long-term Dubai residency in the country.

1.   Long-term Residency

Long-term residency is the most prominent benefit of getting a Golden residency in Dubai. The holder is entitled to 10 years of residency in Dubai (5 years in some cases). Moreover, he/she can get his Golden visa extended by following a simple procedure.

2.   No Sponsorship Needed

Many applicants often confuse a residence visa with a Golden residency. Unlike a temporary residence permit or a work visa, a Golden visa doesn’t demand a sponsor or an employer for approving your visa. All you need is to meet the eligibility criteria for a Golden visa.

3.   No Stay Validity

Unlike ordinary Dubai visas, a Golden visa doesn’t possess any stay validity. Golden residency holders can stay outside UAE without any time limitation. In simpler terms, their visa is not canceled automatically if they stay outside the country for more than 6 months.

4.   Option to Bring your Family

Another appreciable reason for getting a Golden residency in Dubai is the option to bring your family with you. You can bring your spouse and children without applying for a separate visa for them.

5.   No Limitation on Work Permits

A Dubai Golden residency holder can apply for a work permit or a Dubai domestic workers’ visa without any limit.

How to Get Dubai Golden Residency

If you’re an individual who’s willing to apply for a Golden residency in Dubai without a sponsor, the estimated value of your investment in UAE must be more than Dh2 million. This could be in the form of public investment or a company.

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The Final Words

Clearly, a Golden residency comes with a whole lot of benefits. You can contact us for any queries regarding a Golden visa and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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