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different to track visa application for dubai

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The most eminent benefit of choosing an e-visa over a paper visa is the level of convenience it offers. You can apply for a visa effortlessly by sitting back on a couch and daydreaming about a lavish trip to Dubai. An e-visa applicant can not only apply for a Dubai visa easily but can also keep himself updated about the status of his visa. 

If you too have applied for a Dubai e-visa and are waiting for approval, it is important to understand the different ways to track your visa application in Dubai. The article explains the different methods that you can use for knowing your visa status and the estimated time required for approval. 

Some Important Terms for Tracking Your Dubai Visa Application

You might come across several terms while tracking your visa application. Here are some important terms that you must know before tracking your application.

1. Application ID

Your visa application’s Application ID is a unique ID generated by the server when your form is submitted successfully and you’ve paid the visa fee. It is the most important credential in the entire visa process and it is very important to keep it safe. This ID may be displayed on your screen after submission or sent to you on the email ID provided by you at the time of application. 

2. Passport Number

The Passport Number is a unique identification number of your passport. It is written on the top-right corner of your passport’s first page i.e. the page where all your identification-related details like name, country, date of birth, etc are mentioned

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Different Ways to Track a Dubai Visa Application

You can track your Dubai visa application through the following ways.

1. Using Your Application ID

You can use your application ID to track your Dubai visit visa application. It is genuinely the simplest way that you can use for tracking a visa. You can visit our website to track your visa through your Application ID. Dubai Visit Visa Online offers the easiest visa application system and fastest visa tracking. Serving over 500k+ clients, the team has mastered the art of making the visa process a doodle and is looking forward to serving you. 

You can follow the following steps to track your visa application.

  • Visit Dubai Visit Visa Online and click on “Track Visa Status”
  • Enter your Application ID
  • Click on “Get Visa Status”

And all the details about your visa will be presented to you. 

2. Using The Passport Number

Some platforms allow you to track the status/validity of your visa through your passport number. Although this is not much popular, still it can be used to fetch your visa status.

3. Contacting Our Experts

If you face any issues while tracking your visa application status, we’re at your service. You can get in touch with our team through any specified medium, including live chat, email, etc. and we’ll be happy to assist you at every point.

4. Through ICA Portal 

You can also use the ICA portal to track your Dubai visa application status. It is a government-sponsored visa application and tracking system in Dubai that allows applicants to use smart visa services. 

All the visa-related processes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc are handled by the ICA and thus, it is also a reliable way to track your visa

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Which Option Should You Choose?

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to track your Dubai visa application. Our clients like to use our website for applying or tracking their visa applications because of the speed and security we provide. Our website is 100% secure and provides instant visa approval. You can track your application through a no-login system, making us one of the most trusted visa service providers on the internet.

The Wrap Up

We hope that you found the article useful and that it helped you learn how you can track your visa application status. Wishing you a memorable trip to Dubai!

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