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types of dubai visa and how to apply for them

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Due to limited and misleading information available on the internet, the many visa categories that seem to be available in the UAE have become a bit hazy. However, if you do your homework, you will discover that the UAE government issues six distinct sorts of visas. All of these visas include small variances in processes, but the fundamental distinction is the objective of these visas. As a result, the kind of UAE visa you choose will be solely determined by your purpose for entering the UAE.

  • 90-Day Tourist Visa

Based on the traveller's itinerary, a visitor visa may well be given for thirty days or ninety days. For ninety days, you can select between a Single Entry Visa as well as a 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa.

  • Transit Visa

The Dubai transit visa comes in two varieties: a 48-hour visa and a 96-hour visa. These must be supported by airlines located in Dubai. This visa is not renewable.

  • 14 Days Visa

This visa is provided to persons who desire to remain in the UAE for 14 days and have booked airline tickets or reservations to another Emirates airline location. Such visas are provided to the following personnel and their accompanying family members: Company Executives, Sales Teams, Account Auditors, Business Delegations, or those who have to enter the UAE for marketing reasons.

  • 30-Days Tourist Visa

A visitor visa, as the name implies, is one that is provided to visitors visiting the UAE for recreational activities. This visa is effective for 58 days from the date of issue and offers the bearer a 30-day entrance visa to the UAE. A visitor from a nation that doesn't possess a Visa on Arrival agreement with the UAE or does not fall within the definition of Visa-Free Entry must get a tourist visa.

  • Multi-Entry long-term visa

This Visa is available for ninety days. With such a Visa, travellers can remain for extended periods and return on many occasions.

  • 60-Days Single Entry visa

This is advised for tourists intending a short-term (less than two months) trip to the UAE to visit family members or friends. This is a Single Entry Visa, and the visa lapses after the traveller leave the UAE (within 60 days). The criteria for acquiring a 60-day UAE visa vary according to your citizenship.


Step To Apply For Dubai Visa

Here is how you can apply for a Dubai visa

  • Fill out the Registration and attach your documentation.
  • Post it for online evaluation.
  • You will receive an email following your application has been evaluated.
  • You may check your visa status electronically from time to time.
  • You will receive an email after the visa has been issued.

Documents Required For Dubai Visa

These are the documents required for the application for a Dubai visa

  • The host's offer letter, passport copy, and UAE residency visa copy.
  • The visa registration form must be completed and completed, as well as the applicant's colored picture.
  • An authentic passport that is valid for six months from the date of the trip for confirmation.
  • Emirates or Fly Dubai confirmed onward and roundtrip flight tickets.


Dubai Visa Processing Time

A Dubai visa is usually managed in 3-4 business days, however, in exceptional situations, it can be completed in as short as 24 hours. If you need a visa quickly, you can request an Express visa, which itself is issued faster than that an ordinary visa. The Dubai Service Charge is greater for an Express visa, whether it is for 48 or 96 hours.

Uae Visa Policy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) visa policy is set up of laws, legislation, and limitations imposed by the UAE government overall international tourists wishing to come into the nation.

The visa policy defines the visa criteria for various nations to come to the UAE, which might vary based on the citizenship of the traveller, the reason for the trip, and the average time spent within the UAE.

Apart from Qatari passport holders, the UAE's visa regime now allows practically all nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations unfettered movement beyond their boundaries.

Several more international residents are also classified as visa-free travellers to the UAE, with the length of stay authorized varying by citizenship.



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