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how is uae becoming a hub for education for foreigners

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The growth of education is an important element of any nation and the UAE is growing tremendously as the hub for education. Public schools, private schools, and institutes of higher learning make up the three pillars of the UAE's educational system. While the private schools use 15 distinct curricula, the state schools use the Arabic curriculum. Ninety per cent of students in private schools attend institutions that use national curricula from the Ministry of Education (MoE), the U.K., the U.S., India, and other countries. French, Canadian, German, Japanese, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) are among other curricula.

There has been a tremendous evolution in the education system in the UAE due to the different kinds of categories in the UAE education system. A student visa to the UAE is an essential element for international students who want to pursue studies in the UAE. This article will give an insight into the education system of UAE along with the universities to consider in the UAE. It also outlines the process for students who wish to apply for DUBAI VISIT VISA ONLINE. 


UAE’s Education system 

  • Soon after the federation's creation, the United Arab Emirates University, the country's first university, was established in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. This was the stepping stone for UAE as the hub for education.  
  • The nation has advanced thanks to initiatives to guarantee high literacy rates, contemporary programmes, and women's participation in the education system of the UAE 
  • The education system of the UAE aims to educate its youth, which is why Agenda 2021 was established. Currently, over 25% of all federal government spending in the UAE goes toward education. 90% of people are literate overall this is a remarkable growth in education in UAE.  
  • The system is divided into four different categories as follows: 
  •  Basic education: In the UAE, both boys and girls are entitled to free primary and secondary education, which is also a requirement in public schools. Arabic is the major language of instruction, with English receiving equal weight. Boys and girls are typically not separated in the pre-secondary standard. 
  • Higher education: Public, private, and international partnerships are the three major categories of higher education institutions found in the UAE. The UAE has one of the highest rates of application participation worldwide, and citizens are free to enrol in public schools. 
  • International education: Surprisingly, the UAE today has more foreign schools than any other country save China, with the majority of them offering British and American curricula in English. There were 620 international schools in the UAE as of January 2018, with 628,000 pupils enrolled. 
  • Technical and special education: The UAE government is aware of the importance of helping kids with special needs. All around the nation, vocational and rehabilitation institutions have been established. Additionally, initiatives are undertaken to integrate special needs kids into regular classroom settings. The Special Olympics are also attended by the UAE. 


Is the UAE a reliable country for education? 

Yes, the UAE is an expanding and dynamic centre for education for students around the world. There has been tremendous growth in education and the education system of the UAE.  Some of the points to support the statement are as follows: 

  • Due to the vast number of foreign colleges that have campuses there, Dubai is one of the top alternatives for international students. 
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are well known for maintaining high academic standards. This is verified by Dubai’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and numerous accreditation agencies. 
  • The University's programmes are centred on the educational framework of each student's country of origin, and they are brimming with chances for hard-working students to complete internships.  
  • The experience gathered here refers to learning how to integrate into a society that is genuinely global. It's a nice and welcoming nation, and students can genuinely refer to it as their home away from home.  
  • Dubai has seen millions of people from India and other Asian countries migrate there in search of employment prospects or educational chances, transitioning from being a top tourist destination to one of the favourite study locations. 

Student Visa for UAE 

  • A UAE student visa, which falls under the category of a long-term visa, is necessary to enrol in school in Dubai.  
  • The duration of the visa's validity, this visa allows the holder to visit Dubai multiple times and remain there for a longer period of time.  
  • The student must have the necessary paperwork in order to apply for a Dubai student visa. 
  • The documents required to get a UAE student visa are: 
    • The application for a visa. 
    • A copy of the visa applicant's current passport. 
    • passport-sized photo of the applicant
    • The applicant's entire academic background. 
    • The applicant received an offer letter of admission from a UAE institution. 
    • The student's bank information and the most recent six months of bank statements. 
  • Additionally, one must include their trip information.  

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Universities to consider if you are planning to study in UAE 

Some of the famous universities where students can apply for student visa in the UAE through Dubai Visit Visa Online is the following : 

  • The United Arab Emirates University. 
  • American University in Dubai. 
  • Khalifa University 
  • Ajman University of Science and Technology 
  • The University of Dubai. 
  • Apart from this, there are some other universities which are conducting international programs in integration with famous universities in India, the UK and the USA.  



Studying in the UAE is a huge undertaking, but once you've done it, you'll be ready to thrive and have a glorious future. The largest hub for education is located in the UAE. And in order to study in the UAE, a person must first do their research and apply for a UAE student visa so that they can travel to Dubai and pursue their further education there. 

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