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reasons your dubai visa can get rejected for

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Applying for a Dubai visa has now become a very simple task. It only takes a few clicks to complete the application. And once done, the applicants can acquire their approved visa within the span of 3 business days. With this increasing ease in the process of visa application, travelers are getting better accessibility to obtaining a visa. But, that also means that there are more and more people applying for the visa with ease.

In that case, it becomes the responsibility of the immigration officers to ensure the safety of their country. For the same, the criteria to process and approve a visa has always been strict, Even the slightest of discrepancies would lead to the rejection of your visa application. Hence, travelers are always advised to be confident about the genuineness of their application.

Here we have listed some common mistakes that may lead to the application forms of visa applicants getting rejected. Cross-check your application to ensure the approval of your visa.

Mistakes That Get Dubai Visa Rejected

Here are some very common mistakes people often make that lead to their application rejection for a Dubai visa.

  • Incorrect or incomplete application- You must ensure that the application you fill out is duly filled and has accurate and genuine information. 
  • Handwritten passports- Handwritten passports are no longer considered valid in Dubai or in any country in the world. To consider it authorized, it must be printed.
  • Solo under 25 female travelers- Dubai does not allow female travelers who are under 25 years of age to travel alone. It is a precaution taken to avoid human trafficking in Dubai.
  • Typographical error- If your name, spelling, code, or any of the slightest detail is mistyped or has an error, it would lead to your application rejection.
  • Previously extended Dubai trip- If someone has overstayed on their previous Dubai trip, then that is considered to be a legal offense. This can lead to fines, imprisonment, and even blacklisting of the person overstaying.
  • Uncancelled residence visa- In case you had a residence visit visa issued in your name and you had not canceled it before applying for a new visa then your application can be rejected.
  • Unskilled occupation- Occupations that are unskilled labor like cashiers, grocery clerks, cleaners, farmers, etc, are not allowed a Dubai visa often.
  • Criminal record- Having a criminal record in any country can lead to the rejection of your visa application.
  • Unclear photo- If the photo you provide is unclear then your visa can be rejected.


These were some of the common mistakes made by visa applicants for Dubai visa that often gets their visa rejected. It is always advised to check all your information thoroughly before submitting your application. You must also make sure the documents you upload or submit are updated, valid, and genuine. The provisions for visa approval are very strict and any sort of discrepancy can lead to your visa rejection.

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