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requirement and application for dubai student visa

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Dubai is one of the Gulf countries and has a high tourism rate. Every year almost 15 million people visit Dubai for various purposes. Dubai provides many different types of vias to the visitors as per their purpose of visiting the country. There are tourist visas, business visas, transit visas, student visas, residential visas, etc available for visitors. The visa category is divided into 2 different parts. First, you can find short-term visas and then long-term visas. Short-term visas are those visas that provide short-stay validity whereas long-term visas are those visas that provide long-stay validity to visitors. 

Short-term visas are popular but long-term visas are also used a lot by applicants every year. Every year thousands of people visit Dubai with long-term visas to work for some company or to complete their education. Education visas are long-term visas and are only provided to students to visit Dubai and continue their education. In this article, we are going to read about the Dubai student visa Requirements and Applications.

Dubai Student Visa Eligibility Criteria 

To check if you are eligible for a Dubai student visa or not, you may go through these points:

  • Applicants planning to visit Dubai for education need to clear IELTS/TOEFL exams.
  • Students must have 12 years of schooling and at least 60% markets in the 12th board examination.
  • Some universities in Dubai have their guidelines, as they have criteria of a minimum of 65% marks. Students below 65% marks are not even allowed to apply to these specific universities. 
  • To be exempt from IELTS, students should have to score 75% or more marks in English. 

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Dubai Student Visa Process

  • Take a look at what options you have: Before you waitlist the colleges/establishments, choose what you need to study, where you need to reside, in general expense, different open doors, and so on.
  • Take a look at universities and institutes and choose one: Waitlist the colleges/Institutes (around 10 colleges ought to do) and concentrate on programs that meet your prerequisites and you need to apply for.
  • Clear the entrance exam: Get ready for the state tests like TOEFL/IELTS and so on in light of the prerequisites of the colleges and universities. Register for these tests ahead of time. While applying for the tests you ought to likewise make arrangements for the time expected on the off chance that you want to retake the test. You ought to finish these tests before a couple of months of admission.
  • Study Financing: Guarantee that you have the cash prepared for your whole time of concentrate in DUBAI alongside convenience, neighborhood travel, food, and other different costs. Settle on how you will fund your investigations - individual saving, instruction advances, understudy grants, or assistantship.
  • Filling University’s / Institute’s application form: Each University/Institute has its confirmation necessities. Complete the applications a long time before cutoff times. Your advisor can help you in picking the right Institute and direction on the application cycle and entries.
  • Admission Confirmation: When you get your acknowledgment letters from the colleges/Institutes that you have applied to, pick the college you might want to learn at. The subsequent stage is to pay the necessary charges and continue with Admissions affirmation.
  • Get Student Visa: When you finish affirmation, you can apply for your understudy visa(entry grant) through the sponsor(University/Institute/Or Parent/Relative). Your Sponsor needs to apply for a home visa once you enter the country.

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Dubai Student Visa Requirements 

  • Passport and Photograph. 
  • Undergraduate degree and certification.
  • Offer Letter from Dubai University.
  • English Test Scores.
  • Visa Sponsor. 
  • Proof of sufficient funds. 
  • Evidence to prove that your accommodation is confirmed.
  • Student Visa Fee Receipt.


In this article, we read about the Dubai student visa requirement and application. Dubai student visa can easily be obtained by filling the application form correctly and by fulfilling the requirements of the visa. It is a long-term visa and provides a stay validity of 1 year and it can also be extended for the same period which makes it 2 years in total. In the process of obtaining a Dubai visa, it is important to show proof of basic requirements like proof of accommodation, proof of available funds, etc. Once you applied for the Dubai student visa, you can also apply for your tourist visa if you want at Dubai visits visa online

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