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Documents Required to Get a Dubai Visa for Infants in 2024

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Are you planning a trip to Dubai with your adorable newborn? Congratulations on embarking on this thrilling journey! Dubai is an exceptional destination, especially for families, offering many captivating experiences. You can guarantee a hassle-free visa process for your little bundle of joy by taking the necessary steps and thorough preparations.

Dubai welcomes families with open arms, and its family-friendly atmosphere is bound to create unforgettable memories. To enhance your trip's overall experience, it's imperative to have a well-structured plan in place, including understanding the visa requirements for your infant, which we will delve into further in this guide.

Dubai Visa for Infants

A Dubai Visa for a Child, typically referred to as a dependent or newborn visa UAE, allows an infant to enter and stay in Dubai under the sponsorship of a parent or guardian. The sponsoring parent or guardian in Dubai must fulfil specific requirements and provide evidence of their relationship to the infant, along with proof of financial capability to support the child during their stay.

Infant visas are usually tied to the sponsor's visa status, whether a work visa, residence visa, or tourist visa. The duration and validity of the infant's visa will depend on the sponsor's visa and can vary. It's essential to ensure all documentation and requirements are in order when applying for a Dubai Visa for a newborn UAE to facilitate a smooth entry and stay in the country.


Residence Visa for Newborn Child in Dubai

Securing a Dubai visa has become more convenient, thanks to streamlined processes that facilitate swift approvals. Thanks to the Federal Law of the UAE, obtaining a visa within 120 days of birth is particularly convenient. This efficient timeframe ensures that parents can secure the necessary documentation for their newborn without unnecessary delays. However, adhering to this stipulated period is crucial, as failing to do so may incur penalties. The consequences include a fine of AED 50 per day for immigration and AED 20 per day for Emirates ID after the prescribed 120 days. Therefore, staying mindful of these regulations ensures a smooth and penalty-free process, allowing families to navigate the visa application easily.

UAE citizens can apply through online platforms or choose the alternative method of submitting their application and required documents in person. However, for non-UAE residents, this process is obligatory for both registration and the issuance of a resident permit. Additionally, they must visit their home country's embassy as part of the necessary procedures.

Guide on Sponsoring a Newborn in the UAE

Sponsoring a newborn in Dubai involves a structured procedure to establish legal residency for the newest family member. Here are the essential steps:

1. Acquire a Birth Certificate:

Obtain an official birth certificate for your newborn from the relevant UAE authorities.

2. Parental Sponsorship:

Act as the sponsor for your newborn's residency as a parent or legal guardian. Ensure that you possess a valid residency permit in the UAE.

3. Visa Application Submission:

Submit the visa application for your newborn with the required documents, including the child's passport, passport-size photographs, the sponsor's residency permit, and the official birth certificate.

4. Medical Examination (if necessary):

If specific requirements dictate, undergo a medical examination for the newborn, adhering to any health-related procedures.

5. Visa Processing:

Following the submission, the relevant authorities will process the visa. The processing duration may vary, so it's recommended to check with the immigration department for the current timeline.

6. Visa Issuance:

Upon approval, the Residency Visa for your newborn will be issued. Typically valid for a specific duration, it can be renewed as needed.

Remember that the visa application process may undergo updates and changes, underscoring the importance of staying informed and consulting the relevant authorities for the latest guidelines. 

Document Requirements for Children's Visa Process:

Meeting the document requirements for a newborn in Dubai is imperative to UAE immigration regulations.

  1. A photo of the child with their eyes open and a white background   
  2. Baby’s passport 
  3. Specific identification   
  4. Father's Visa   
  5. Mother's passport   
  6. Copies of birth certificates.   
  7. Father passport   
  8. Child ID   
  9. Birth declaration   
  10. Parents ID   
  11. The original marriage certificate   
  12. Salary Compensation certificates   
  13. Child insurance policies are also necessary.   

Babies and toddlers under two can travel on airlines. Additionally, suppose the baby is less than seven days old, has been born with no difficulties, and arrives at its destination without complications. In that case, it may travel on an airline.     

  • You must complete the medical form if you accompany a pregnant woman as a guardian. A newborn under 7 days old is expected to travel and will be allowed on the flight if an emergency or their mother needs to travel for compassionate grounds.   
  • A few carriers don't allow children between 5 and 12 to travel independently. For example, if a child is between 16 and 18, he or she must come with a parent or guardian at least 17 years old.  
  • To be granted a UAE visa, you must consider many factors, such as identity, the reason for the visit, and the length of the stay.   
  • Residents can get a UAE visa for infants, which only takes 14 days,30 days or 60 days, depending on where they want to stay in Dubai. The visa can be extended twice, so those residents have 60 days to visit Dubai. Residents of certain spots can apply for visas with identification, like their driver's license, after crossing the border.   


Age Limit Guidelines for Children's Visas in UAE Dubai

In Dubai, the age limit for parents to sponsor their children varies based on gender and marital status. The age limit for sons is 25 years, meaning parents can sponsor their son until he reaches this age. However, unmarried daughters have no specific age limit, allowing parents to sponsor them regardless of age. It's noteworthy that if the children are college or university students, they may face restrictions on parental sponsorship unless they can provide a certificate confirming their age, demonstrating they are below 25 or under 18 if applicable. This regulation ensures that the sponsorship process aligns with UAE Dubai Residency guidelines, balancing familial ties and adherence to immigration policies.

New Born Visa Cost in UAE

  • The visa fee is Dh330 for a 2-year duration (Typing charges are additional).
  • For a 3-year visa, the fee is Dh430 if the sponsor is a government, semi-government, or free zone staff member.
  • An extra Dh100 is charged for urgent passport delivery.


  • The Emirates ID application must be typed and submitted with the visa application within 120 days of birth.
  • Any delay in this process will result in a Dh20 fine each day after the 120-day limit.


  • The Emirates ID fee is Dh270 for two years.
  • For a 3-year Emirates ID, the fee is Dh370.


  • An amount of Dh3020 must be deposited at Immigration for the visa stamping of a newborn baby.
  • This rule has been applicable since 01/08/2014.
  • Investors/Partners should also deposit Dh3020 for each dependent's visa.
  • This amount should also be paid at the Typing Centre.


  • Commercial license and partners list (for LLC)
  • LLC Agreement (for LLC partners)
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License)
  • Copy of the partnership contract, if any, attested by a Notary Public (for Professional License)

Get A Visa In Simple Steps

Are you a parent travelling with a kid to Dubai? The first thing you should do is apply for a visa. Visa applications can be completed online at Dubai Visit Visa Online. This website has all the necessary information; you must upload the required documents with pertinent information. Our customer support and guidelines will take you through every process in simple steps. Then you are good to go.   



If you travel to Dubai with your infant, you will need a Visa for Newborn Baby in Dubai, UAE. Registration of a Passport for a Child in Dubai is necessary to travel to the country and can be obtained through a Dubai Visit Visa Online. Travelling with an infant in Dubai can be a daunting task, but by following these tips, you should be able to have a smooth trip. By following these simple guidelines to get a visa, you should be able to have an enjoyable and stress-free travel experience with your little one by your side.   

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Que- Is a visa required for infants in Dubai?
Ans- A visa is typically required to enter Dubai like any other individual. When travelling with an infant, it's essential to ensure that visa arrangements are made in advance to comply with immigration regulations. The visa requirements can differ depending on factors like the infant's nationality, the purpose of the visit, and the intended duration of stay. Before making travel plans, parents or guardians should verify the latest and accurate information on infant visa requirements by consulting with the appropriate authorities or checking the official immigration website of Dubai.

Que- What is the grace period for a newborn's visa in Dubai?
Ans- VISA PENALTY: The visa for a newborn must be stamped within 120 days from the date of birth. Beyond this period, a fine of Dh25 will be incurred for each day after the 120-day limit.

Que- Is it possible for a newborn baby to leave the UAE without a passport?
Ans- No, newborns cannot leave the UAE without a passport. For international travel, a valid passport is mandatory for all individuals, including infants. Parents or guardians must obtain a passport for their newborn before planning any trips outside the UAE. It is crucial to consult with the relevant authorities to understand specific regulations and requirements for infant passports, ensuring a hassle-free and compliant travel experience.

Que- Is there a waiver of Dubai visit visa fees for children?
Families can travel together to the UAE using a family group visit visa, and there is no visa fee for children under 18. According to travel experts, this visa option is popular among families due to its ease of application and cost-saving benefits.