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For several people, Dubai has always been a paradise on earth and a fantasy vacation spot. People flock to Dubai regardless of the distance because they firmly feel it is worthwhile for their time and other resources. Dubai is a well-known vacation resort and is located in a peaceful area. Not to mention that Dubai, the most picturesque city in the United Arab Emirates, is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world. Without a solid itinerary and checklist, you risk getting lost in this big city of the United Arab Emirates. Sometimes people visiting Dubai have someone or the other sponsoring their trip to Dubai. In such cases, the person sponsoring the trip is known as the sponsor that provides financial and accommodative assistance to the traveller. Some standards must be met to become a sponsor. In this article, we will give in detail information about the documentation required for sponsoring someone to Dubai and the e-visa procedure for Dubai

Dubai Visa Eligibility

To visit Dubai you need a Dubai visa and there are certain eligibility criteria which need to be filled by the applicant applying for the e-visa. These criteria ensure that the applicant is suitable for the Dubai tourist visa.

  • The applicant must possess a passport that is at least six months old and has four blank pages.
  • If the visitation is for tourist purposes then the applicant should have confirmed two-way tickets which also need to be submitted with the visa application.
  • The applicant should not be a fugitive or have a criminal background.
  • There should be sufficient proof of funds with the applicant to be eligible.
  • There should be sponsorship proof as a letter or affidavit if the trip of the applicant is sponsored.


Sponsor Your Close Ones In Dubai

At times people want to endorse the trip of their close ones to their place of residence. Due to its popularity, Dubai receives a lot of visitors each year, many of whom are sponsored. There are certain criteria for being eligible to visit Dubai as stated above and similarly there are certain norms for a person to be the sponsor of their close ones.

The norms for sponsoring the near and dear ones are:

  • To be a sponsor you need to be a permanent citizen of Dubai with a residence permit issued by the government.
  • After dependents enter the UAE with entry permission, the resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for their residence visa.
  • Regardless of the length of the sponsor's visa, a resident may sponsor his parents, and the residence visa will be given on an annual basis.
  • Medically unfit people may not be able to sponsor.
  • There is a requirement to show a certain amount of funding to sponsor someone.
  • There will be a medical examination conducted for the people being sponsored at a UAE-based institute. 

Documentation For Dubai Visa

Once you have read all the criteria for sponsoring one to Dubai, you need to look up the required documentation while applying for a Dubai e-visa with Dubai Visit Visa Online:

  • A photocopy of the passport's bio page, as issued by the country of residency.
  • A clean copy of a passport valid for at least six months with four blank pages at the least. 
  • Each applicant must submit a color, well-lit photo of themselves. Black and white photos won't be accepted.
  • Emirates ID of the family or person who is hosting or sponsoring your visa
  • Both-way flight tickets.

Fly To Dubai Using Dubai Visa

If you want to visit Dubai then the best way to go about it is to apply for a Dubai visa at Dubai Visit Visa Online

  • To apply for the Dubai visa the application procedure at the Dubai Visit Visa Online is :
  • To submit an E-visa application online, use the Dubai Visit Visa Online, a reputable platform created to make the Dubai visa application process simple for everyone.
  • Keep all the paperwork required to apply for a Dubai visa on hand and upload it when needed.
  • Choose the best payment process and send in your application fees.
  • After receiving your visa, you can book a ticket to Dubai.


Rationale For Selecting A Dubai Visit Visa

There are several reasons to choose Dubai Visit Visa Online among others. They are:

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This article gives an overview of the sponsorship process, eligibility criteria, visa procedure, and documentation information. We expect you to enjoy your trip to Dubai and to get a safe, secure and hassle-free process apply with Dubai Visit Visa Online.


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