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how is the new graduate program of dubai affecting the dubai immigrations

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Following the introduction of new visa regulations, institutions in the UAE have observed an increase in new enrollment rates for the forthcoming school year. As a result, a recent Graduate Program providing a financial management degree has been launched in Dubai.

A recent Graduate Program Institute has been established to create a new generation of professional expertise by preparing investment advisors through a 2-year training, mentorship, and approved learning program.

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University Expansion Plans

Due to continued global concerns, the issuance of Golden Visas has generated a favorable breeze for the UAE's scholarly institutions. Some of Dubai's major colleges have announced growth plans in recent years.

The Institution of Birmingham will cover 30,000 square meters when it opens in April 2022. The new facility of the University in Dubai International Academic City provides 46 education programs.

In 2021, Heriot-Watt College Dubai will open new gates to a brand-new facility in Dubai Knowledge Park. The specialized campus can accommodate roughly 4,000 students from 105 different countries.

In August 2020, the University of Wollongong at Dubai (UOWD) will open the doors to its 200,000 sq ft Campus of the Future in Dubai Knowledge Park. In 2020, the UOWD also had the greatest applications inflow in seven years.

Golden Visa For Top Graduates

The authorities have widened the pool of applicants for all these long-term visas and would also enable golden visa owners to nominate family relatives to accompany them in the nation, with revisions likely later this year.

According to a press release issued by Emirates News Agency, the new scheme is expected to "recruit and keep global talents and professional people" while also "raising the efficiency" of the UAE's employment market.

The nation has signaled its commitment to luring talent by instituting a special golden visa for excellent students from the world's top colleges. When assessing submissions from this category, it will evaluate additional factors such as school performance, degree year, and college classification. 

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Know About Dubai Business Visa

Individuals with entrepreneurial traits from any nation can qualify for a business visa. Everyone who has previously owned a business and desires to do this afresh in the UAE is considered an eligible businessman.

To be qualified for the visa, one must meet the following requirements:

  • be able to present your business experience.
  • having been a majority stakeholder or part of a start-up’s management team.
  • be prepared to migrate to the UAE and open a legitimate company in one of the 7 emirates.
  • Have a business model or a vision that you want to recreate in the UAE?

Benefits Of Studying In The Uae

There are several advantages to studying in the UAE! Among the most beneficial benefits of finishing your advanced learning in this nation is as follows:

  • An alumni connection with a wide range of skillsets
  • Inexpensive in comparison to the United States and Europe.
  • Outstanding teaching quality from a few of the world's finest universities. The University of Wollongong, BITS Pilani, Dubai, and Heriot-Watt University are among them.
  • The credentials are internationally recognized.
  • Because English is the major medium of teaching, students who wish to pursue higher study overseas do not have to take tests to demonstrate their English competence.
  • The country has given students with several infrastructure and opportunities.

Tips For Students Who Wish To Study In Uae

  • Public Transport Is An Advantage For Students

If you are a newbie to the nation, you will have to find a means to commute that is both quick and cost-effective. Among the most admired elements of the UAE is it's very well and reasonably priced public transportation system. Taking public transportation to study in the UAE will save you a great deal of money.

  • Admission Requirements

English remains the language of teaching at the majority of the nation's institutions. Nevertheless, you should think about studying Arabic as a second language because it might help you socialize, acclimatize, and settle in. Students at public colleges in the UAE must be fluent in both English and Arabic. Private colleges, on the other hand, provide instruction in English.

  • Student Visa Sponsorship

If you want to study in the UAE, a student residency visa is a must-have documentation. Student residency visas are frequently supported by institutions of higher learning or by a resident relative. Student residency permits are only good for one year and must be updated each year.

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This was a brief about the new graduate program introduced in UAE for the students to avail the most out of their education system. It does not only provide a great learning opportunity but also paves way for a great professional life experience for the students to build a better career in their lives. For more such information on UAE and Dubai-related affairs, make sure to check out our blogs.

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