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dubai transit visa guidelines

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Dubai has always been a fascinating city to visit and it even continues to be the same over decades and decades. And if you are tired of a day to day life and asking for a refreshing trip, then Dubai will pay you all that you need. All that you have been asking for so long is all that Dubai carries and offers to its travellers. Of course, you might have heard about Dubai and its beauty but it’s indeed much more beautiful than it sounds. To visit this place you can obtain a Dubai visa through us in the best possible way.

What is a Dubai transit visa?

There have been different types of visas among which one is a transit visa. Transit visas get widely in UAE when you have to change flights in Dubai and have to stay there for more than a day. If we talk about transit visas then transit visas to Dubai are usually single-entry visas that are issued for an important purpose and are provided to travellers wanting to reside in Dubai for longer than 8 hours. Transit visas are issued in two types. One is for 48 hours of transit and another is for 96-hour transit. Both the transit types serve their own purposes to the travellers as per their needs.

Where to apply for a Dubai transit visa?

You can easily obtain a transit visa to Dubai with us in a very convenient manner. You will be able to use a hassle-free process for the application of your transit visa if you are applying for it online through the website Dubai visit visa online and can get easy and real quick processing of your visa.

You can also apply for a Dubai transit visa with airlines based in the UAE that you are flying with can get you a transit visa. But you might face problems such as waiting in a long queue and they might need your original documents. So it is best that you get your visa through us.


Requirements for a transit visa to Dubai

  1. A transit visa application form is the first requirement and the form has to be filled with the correct information.
  2. A valid passport of the applicant is also needed and it needs to be valid for at least 6 months and should have 2 blank pages included at the end of it.
  3. Passport-sized photos of the applicant are also to be provided and the photos are to be clearly visible and not older than 3-6 months.
  4. A valid Email Id for the visa confirmation mail is received on that only.
  5. Flight ticket details are also to be provided.
  6. Accommodation details of the applicant applying for a Dubai transit visa will be needed.
  7. Health documents will also be of great need.

The process of acquiring the transit visa

To apply for a transit visa with us by following the steps below.

  1. Visit our website Dubai visit visa online and choose the country you are living in and your citizenship country.
  2. Select the type of Dubai transit visa you want to obtain as per your preference.
  3. Fill out the Dubai visa application form and attach your digital documents.
  4. Pay the visa fees. 
  5. After the submission of your fees, you can also track your visa application status through your application Id or passport no. Once it has been approved, you will be able to download it.

Visa fees for 48 hours of transit visa

If the applicant is applying for a transit visa for 48 hours to Dubai, then you will be needed to pay $70 only.

Visa fees for 96 hours of transit visa

If the applicant is applying for 96 hours of a transit visa to Dubai, then you will be needed to pay $130 only.



To get a transit visa to Dubai, it is compulsory to plan everything prior to the trip since it is always better to get well prepared before any of your travel so that you do not face any complications further during your whole trip. And to get through the process, you need to check through all the requirements and through every single process. And one must make sure not to miss out on anything and not to fill in any kind of wrong information in the visa application.

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