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why should one apply for a transit visa in dubai

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The worldwide statistics suggest that Dubai has been the transit hub of the world for a long time. It can be said that all the major cities of the world are connected through Dubai. The Dubai international airport is the main airport that acts as the transit hub in Dubai. In terms of passenger travel, it is considered the nineteenth busiest airport in the world and one of the busiest in terms of cargo load. This airport has the highest average number of passengers per flight due to Dubai being a transit hub. This article will discuss in detail transit visas, the transit visa of Dubai, how to get the transit visa of Dubai, and the advantages of a Dubai transit visa.

What is a Dubai Transit Visa?

Here are some general pointers you should learn to understand about Dubai transit visas:

  • Dubai transit visas are mainly issued to people who are traveling from one country to another country but have a connecting flight from Dubai. 
  • Here, since Dubai has the connecting flight, it would be said to be the transit country, and a transit visa is issued for this country.
  • Someone who is mostly transiting through the airport and does not wish to roam around in the transit country does not require a transit visa.
  • A full-fledged tourist visa is issued to people who plan on vacation in a certain country and a transit visa is issued to people who wish to pass through the country en route to another country.

Who Can Apply For a Dubai Transit VISA?

A person who is travelling from one country to another with a connecting flight is eligible for a Dubai Transit visaIt can be attained very easily through the online process of transit visa application at Dubai Visit Visa Online.

Is The Transit Visa Issued In Dubai?

There is a requirement for a transit visa when you are passing through a United Arab Emirates (UAE) nation like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  •  There are two types of transit visas issued in Dubai:
  • Both visas can be applied in advance through Dubai Visit Visa Online before your journey.
  • Please note that these transit visas are not extendable or nonrenewable. 


Procedure to get a Dubai TRANSIT VISA

You can easily apply for a Dubai transit visa from Dubai Visit Visa Online and get it within a few simple steps. Here is how:

  • Visit Dubai Visit Visa Online and select the countries of your nationality and residence.
  • Then, select Transit Visa and choose the duration you wish to apply for.
  • Later, fill in your details. That would consist of your personal and contact details.
  • Finally, pay the visa fee through a credit/debit card or PayPal.

This is all you need to do for getting the transit visa. You would get your transit visa within 3-4 business days. In the meantime, if you wish to check the status of your visa application, or later if you wish to check the visa status, you can do it all from the Track Visa Status on the dashboard.

Benefits of a Dubai Transit Visa

There are numerous advantages of having a transit visa in any country. The wonders and joys of the country of transit can be enjoyed in the small time that the traveller spends in that country. Instead of spending your precious time at the airport, you get to step out and explore a different country without a plan. Dubai being a great country of travel gives an immense advantage to the traveller who has a transit visa to Dubai. Here are some advantages of having a transit visa in Dubai:

  • According to the government of Dubai, seventy percent of the people arriving at the Dubai airport are transit passengers. 
  • The first type of Dubai transit visa is for two days which is 48 hours. The second kind of transit visa provided by the government of Dubai is 0f 96 hours i.e. 4 days. This means a transit passenger can have a layover of up to 4 days in Dubai.
  • Indian Citizens who are travelling to the U.S., United Kingdom, and other European countries are also eligible for the Dubai transit visa. 
  • Transit passengers can enjoy most of their time at the Dubai international airport ( DBX airport). 
  • In the Dubai international airport, there are various activities like getting a spa treatment, enjoying a VR movie, going to the gym, and resting in sleeping pods. These activities can be entertaining for transit passengers.
  • Transit passengers can visit Hatta town if they do not want to enter the hustle and bustle of Dubai city. In this part of Dubai, you will have the advantage of enjoying many experienced sports.
  • If you are taking the advantage of a two-day transit visa then the Burj Khalifa of Dubai is a must-visit. It is enchanting at night with the dancing fountain show.
  • The night markets at the Dubai mall are a must-visit. The Dubai mall is the largest in the world. These markets are a great find for window shoppers. 
  • If you have a longer time then you can also go and enjoy the Dubai desert safari. There are two options overnight desert safari and early morning safari. 
  • The best way to utilize most of the transit visas is to book the tickets on the same airlines so that timing conflicts are avoided.



A transit visa has great advantages if booked with proper timing arrangements. Dubai transit visa gives a great advantage to transit travelers visiting Dubai. This gives a significant benefit of making good use of the transit time. If someone is planning to travel to Dubai and want to avoid unnecessary headaches, a transit visa would be the perfect choice for them.

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