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things you should know about the dubai safari tour

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Unlike the rest of the UAE, Dubai's scenery is defined by Arabia's red sand deserts, which add to its unique beauty in the most enchanting ways. The city of Dubai, a haven for adventurers, offers a great blend of modern features and an authentic legacy to its tourists. Dubai is one of the best places to enjoy the grandeur of life, from tranquil beaches to exciting nightlife, enormous malls to rich city culture. 

About Dubai Tourism

Dubai tourism is highlighted by its desert safari, which is the ideal approach to discovering the city's character. The rich culture and a variety of exhilarating adventure activities available every day make for a memorable trip. The exciting star-studded nights of Dubai's Desert Safari promise to round off your day with the city's liveliest and most exotic nightlife.

If food is an important aspect of your travels, Dubai is the perfect spot for you to enjoy and learn from your adventures. Not only can you sample unique delicacies, but you can also learn about the local Bedouin culture, which was once an important part of the culture until city life took over.

However, if this is your first time going on a Desert Safari in Dubai, here are a few exciting desert safari sites in Dubai that will make your trip one of the most unforgettable excursions of your life.

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Dubai's Best Desert Attractions

Dubai desert excursions are regarded for providing one of the most unique and memorable experiences while also being environmentally friendly and innovative. Whether you're a first-time visitor to Dubai or a seasoned traveler, the Arabian Desert's experiences are never far from the minds of visitors from all over the world.

If you're looking for an overnight wholesome desert experience, check out our specially designed Dubai Desert Safari Adventure excursions.

Dune Bashing

  • When it comes to obtaining a true taste of the Arabian desert, nothing beats a dune-bashing adventure with a Dubai sand safari.
  • An exciting 30-minute jeep trip across the desert at varying speeds over enormous dunes is included in the journey. Away from the glitz and glam of Dubai city life, this is a pulse-pounding dune bashing session for thrill-seekers, with assured fun and excitement. If you want a more complete desert experience with your Dubai tour package, add on some Arabian hospitality with desert camps and a delectable BBQ meal to acquire a better understanding of Bedouin culture.

Camel Riding

  • Dubai's daring desert tour is highlighted by a rocky camel ride. A 45-minute camel ride takes you through an expedition of desert species while navigating across Dubai's desolate desert. The evening camel ride is regarded as the best of the Dubai safari experiences since it takes you down the vast dunes while affording a spectacular view of the sunset and falcon shows. The golden tint of the sunset and the sand provide a lovely backdrop for tourists, with various photo opportunities. Tourists can spend the night in the desert after a day of pleasure, enjoying a wonderful BBQ, shisha, and a Tanura dance performance.
  • Fare: The best desert safari in the world The cost of a camel ride in Dubai starts at 50 AED

Event-filled Nights

A day in the desert may be full of adventure, but the nights are jam-packed with entertainment, making it one of Dubai's top tourist destinations. A thrilling night in the Arabian deserts of Dubai makes your evening desert safari Dubai trip even more enjoyable with a wide selection of entertainment activities including fire eating, dancing on stilts, swirling, and belly dance. 

Luxurious tents are equipped with fascinating BBQ dinners and mouthwatering Mid-Eastern local foods, immersing you in the desert's most traditional civilizations. Under the star-studded sky, a beautiful belly dancing performance by the best artists brings the true magnificence of the site to life. The Dubai desert camping experience has been deliberately developed to provide an unusual camping experience.

Skiing in the desert

Desert skiing is a must-do activity in Dubai. It not only breaks up the monotony of your daily routine but also gives you a boost of energy and passion. There are a plethora of adventure activities to select from once you get to Dubai, but sandboarding and sand skiing are two of the top things to do on the Dubai Desert trip that everyone should do. 

As you slide down the beautiful dunes in Dubai's huge desert environment, your stress will be released. Snowboarding involves strapping your feet to the board and sliding down the dunes while taking in the tranquil beauty of the desert. Skiing or sandboarding is best done in the evening or before daybreak. During the adventurous activity, it is also recommended that you wear comfortable and light attire.

Sunrise in the desert

The stark splendour of desert daybreak is a traveller's favourite. The bare horizons and endless dunes add to the allure of the place. Shifting dawn's warm orange colours embrace the horizons, giving you a peek of the desert's sparkling magnificence. It's the ideal moment to immerse yourself in the vibrant splash of sun rays across the huge open sky and relax in a light, breezy, and cool atmosphere before beginning your day.



Dubai pulls travellers from all over the world like magnets, thanks to its flash and gloss. The winter months, from November to April, are the greatest time to explore this historic site. During this time, though, the northern hemisphere of the planet is experiencing winter, yet Dubai continues to provide clear skies and pleasant weather. Between November and April, the air temperature fluctuates between 17 and 30 degrees Celsius, giving travellers a welcome respite from the desert's blistering heat.

The Dubai Safari trip is a tour filled with Arabian adventures and thrills away from the city's glitz and glam. There are plenty of opportunities for those who are willing to take a chance. Want to know more about the UAE tours then visit Dubai Visit Visa Online for more information.

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