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all about the dubai corporate visa

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Dubai is a city that booms with business all day long. So if you’re going to Dubai for a business-related matter you probably have some questions in your mind. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Dubai corporate visas to make your travels easier. A Dubai corporate visa is similar to a Dubai business visa, but instead of going on a business trip as an entrepreneur, foreigners from other countries are sent through firms that are established and authorized to conduct business in Dubai. 

What are the different types of Dubai corporate visas?

There are 3 different types of Dubai corporate visas based on the duration of stay of the person:

14-day corporate visa- This is a single entry visa that means you’re only allowed to enter Dubai using this visa once. This visa is for business travelers who are being sent to Dubai by a firm. This visa is valid for 58 days and allows you to stay for a total of 14 days for corporate business purposes.

30-day corporate visa- This visa is available for both single and multiple entries depending on your requirements. This visa is valid for 58 days; however, you may only stay in Dubai for 30 days to complete your task. When applying for any form of visa, the difference will be assessed. Not only will the fees change, but so will the entrance limit; for example, a single entry visa allows you to enter the nation only once, whilst the other varieties enable you to enter and go as you want.

90-day corporate visa- This visa will allow you to stay in Dubai visa for 90 days, but the overall visa validity will remain the same as the other visas, which are 58 days. This means if you do not use your visa within these days, it will become invalid, and you will need to apply for a new visa to travel to Dubai. 

There are two types of visas available for this visa: single entrance and multiple entries. Any of the aforementioned visa kinds can be utilized by a foreigner to travel to Dubai and do business for the specified number of days. You can select one based on the number of days you need to accomplish the business.

How to apply for a Dubai corporate visa?

The application process for Dubai corporate visa is not that different from applying for a tourist visa. You can easily avail the tourist visa via E-visa on a Dubai visit visa online. All you have to do is procure the below-mentioned documents, submit your application and pay the visa fees. 

The documents required for the Dubai corporate visa are:

Passport: You should make sure that the passport being supplied has a validity of at least six months after you arrive in Dubai.

Letter of representation: Since the corporate visa is granted to the traveler when they are sent to Dubai by a firm, you need to have a valid letter of representation stating your business, the firm you work for, and the duration of your stay. 

Apart from this, the documents required are standard for any other visa like appropriate passport-size pictures, proof of accommodation in Dubai, etc. In addition to the papers listed above, travelers must complete a Visa application (in electronic or physical form). Such an application, together with a collection of supporting documents, must be properly filled out and finished. After completing the form, the requisite amount for the Dubai Visa must be paid for the application to be processed.

Can you get a Dubai corporate visa at the Embassy?

Yes, you can get a Dubai corporate visa at the Embassy. When you apply at the embassy you may have to stand in long lines and have to go through a couple of interviews. You will not be able to obtain a visa if you do not pass the interview. You can also apply for a visa on arrival at the airport, but only those who are eligible can do so for a company visa.


It is recommended that you apply for an E-visa in advance if you are visiting Dubai for business or to represent your firm. Dubai corporate visa is only issued to people who have proper representation from the company they work for. 

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