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Explore the Famous Tourist Attractions in Sharjah 2024

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Located on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE, connected with the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Bordered by Dubai in the north and Ajman in the south, the emirate covers over 3.3% of the total landmass of the UAE.  Sharjah’s relationship with the sea and the ocean has given the emirate some of the most amazing beaches and islands in the UAE.   

Your trip to the UAE will not be complete if you miss visiting the emirate of Sharjah. If you want to make the most of your time in the Emirates and experience the best side of Sharjah, you must visit the place mentioned in the article.  Before you prepare your travel liar for Sharjah, you must apply for a visa. To apply for a visa in no time and get it approved in a minimum time, apply with Dubai Visit Visa Online.     


Best Places To Visit in Sharjah 2024

Among all the emirates, Sharjah has a different status and vibe altogether. If you want to experience what the emirate offers and make the most of your trip to the emirate, you must visit the following places.

1. Sharjah Desert Park   

If you want to learn about the flora and fauna of the desert in a fun way and enjoy it simultaneously, then visit the Sharjah Desert Park. The park is an edutainment zone where you can learn some complicated topics in a fun way and enjoy it simultaneously. The park has three sections.   

2. Arabian Wildlife Park

The centre is the only zoo in the UAE where the animals are kept in their natural habitat. Built as a wildlife refuge centre, the centre spreads awareness about the conservation of the endangered wildlife of the desert.   

3. Botanical Museum

If you are curious to learn about the flora of the desert, how they have evolved through time, and their present situation but do not want to go through boring books, then the Botanical Museum is the perfect place for you. Here, you can look at the different flora of the UAE and the desert region and learn about their fun and interaction.   

4. Children's Farm   

A farm is perfect for kids to interact with and learn about animals. You can interact with the Arabian horse, donkeys, cows, and other animals under expert supervision on the farm. Don’t get confused with the name. The farm is meant for people of all ages, not just kids. Perhaps the name is inspired by the inner child who will unleash at the farm.   


5. Museum of Islamic Civilisation   

Sharjah is called the cultural capital of the UAE, and there are many reasons for that. The emirate has preserved Arabian history and culture and displays it to the world. The Museum of Islamic Civilization is where visitors can look at how the Islamic civilization developed and evolved through time.   

The museum galleries exhibit the various sides of the Islamic faith and their accomplishments in mathematics, astronomy, and geometry.    

6. Al Mamzar Beach   

The list of the best places in Sharjah cannot be complete without mentioning the emirate’s impressive beaches. Al Mamzar Beach is one of the most famous beaches in UAE and the emirate’s first integrated leisure park.   

7. Sharjah National Park

Spread over an area of 630,000 sq km; the Sharjah National Park is one of Sharjah's most famous tourist attractions. The place has been designed to display the homogeneity between traditional Arab architecture and modern European style. From touring the miniature city to feeding ducks in the pond, you can participate in some great activities in the park.   

The park is the perfect family destination with a barbecue spot, picnic spot, and playground.     


You must visit the cultural centre of UAE, Sharjah if you are seeing the UAE. From museums that show the country’s rich history to central parks that provide the perfect recreation and leisure time, Sharjah has everything tourists can ask for.    

If you want to make the most of your time in the emirate, you should visit the above places. We have listed the best places to visit in Sharjah so you don’t miss anything worthwhile while travelling to the Emirates.   

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