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fascinating culture and lifestyle of dubai

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Dubai is a city with a big focus on culture. The city has an amazing mix of traditional Arab and western cultures. The city is also known for its lavish lifestyle, which includes shopping, dining, and nightlife. Apart from typical aspects of the culture, customs, and traditions of this country, there are some important things to know before visiting. The UAE has falcons as its national bird and falconry is a popular pastime amongst UAE nationals. People are very close to their immediate families and extended families. The relationships between these groups of family members can be very complex.
Men will only be able to hug or kiss their male counterparts while greeting. For women, there are restrictions to the type of greeting they can offer. They can only offer a handshake to men. Despite these restrictions, foreign men need to refrain from offering a handshake to an Emirati woman unless she has first shown interest in such a gesture. Emiratis are often dressed in traditional outfits, usually in black, and they always greet people first. You should always stand when someone enters the room, agree to eat with your right hand, and avoid looking them in the eye with your left hand.
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Dubai’s Culture Is Electric And Diverse: 

Dubai is a city of contrasts, and its culture is no exception. From the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of Dubai Centre to the luxury shopping malls of Palm Jumeirah, there's something for everyone here. Visitors can explore the Middle Eastern heritage and cuisine at traditional restaurants or sample modern takes on the region at innovative bars and cafes. And of course, there's always room for a bit of shopping - from high-end boutiques to world-renowned luxury retailers.
The city's people are also a fascinating mix. While many natives are born and raised in Dubai, others have come from all corners of the world to call it home. So you'll find people from all walks of life living harmoniously together in this dynamic metropolis. Whether you're looking to experience some of the world's most renowned entertainment venues or take in some of the best cultural attractions on offer, Dubai has something for everyone.
As Dubai continues to grow and expand, the culture of Dubai has begun to capture the attention of people from around the world. From the vibrant shopping districts to the luxurious resorts, this modern city has something for everyone.

Hospitality From Locals: 

Dubai is known for its luxurious and extravagant hotels, but what you may not know is that the locals are just as hospitable. In fact, many of Dubai's best restaurants and cafes are found in the markets and alleyways of the city. Here, you can sample traditional Emirati dishes such as kebabs, ful medames (a type of whitefish), dates, and yogurt, all cooked to perfection. And if you're looking for something a little more exotic, head to one of the city's many street food stalls. Whether you're in the mood for fresh fruit juices or a variety of savory snacks, you're sure to find something to your liking in Dubai's vibrant market scene.

Arabic Calligraphy: 

The Arabic calligraphy tradition is one of the most important and distinctive aspects of the cultural heritage of Dubai. Today, traditional Arabic calligraphy is still practiced by a small number of artists in the city. Some of the most notable calligraphers in Dubai include Issa Khalil and Mohammed al-Maktoum. Khalil is known for his intricate floral designs, while Maktoum is known for his powerful and dramatic scripts. Both artists have received numerous awards and accolades for their work.
If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating tradition, be sure to check out some of the available resources in Dubai. There are several museums that showcase the history and techniques of Arabic calligraphy, as well as several workshops that offer classes on the art form.

People Of The Uae: 

Before there was even an emirate of the UAE, Bedouin lived in tribes and was ruled by leading families; now these are considered part of history and there are a variety of different groups that today have built up commerce within the country.
Rising standards in education have led to the development of a well-educated middle class, who also benefited from an expanded public education, people falling in between lower income brackets (farmers and pearl divers), and members of the local community practicing their traditions.



Religion is an important aspect of Emirati life. While visiting the country, it’s best to not comment or argue about Islam with locals or anyone else at any time, during Ramadan. It is important to respect the people and country you are visiting. 

Clothing And Tradition:

Most malls in the United Arab Emirates sell the latest fashion available, but Emirati men and women dress primarily in traditional style. Men wear a kandura, which is a white ankle-length garment that has either a white or red checkered head scarf.  In the Middle East, women wear an Abaya and a Hijab when they are outside. In recent times, abayas come in different colors and have intricate embroidery with beadwork on them too.
The architecture of Middle Eastern-style buildings is something most visitors enjoy. Women should wear an abaya or a scarf, and men need to avoid revealing clothing or head scarves and clothes with pockets or slits for the sake of respect. Alcohol is not usually served in public, and drinking it is illegal; however, tourists will sometimes be able to find alcohol at restaurants or bars. You should still avoid drinking while driving and refrain from PDA or Public Display of Affection.
Keeping your relationship healthy involves following cultural norms. Here are some rules for the city of Dubai: 

  • Do not touch or be seen hugging or kissing someone in public, even your partner; 
  • Do not take photos at any point if you don’t have permission; 
  • And follow the rules that govern certain areas when it comes to photographing Emirati women without the explicit consent of their guardians.



A mix of Middle-Eastern and Asian flavors make up the traditional, Emirati cuisine.The most popular dish is plain rice, bread, yogurt, and dates. Middle-Eastern dishes also include fish, homegrown vegetables, and dates. Meat items include chicken, goat, and lamb served as a meal for lunch or dinner.
There are some popular dishes of the UAE such as stuffed camel (cooked in the digestive system of the camel), which is put into a pit and cooked for 24 hours, Shawarma (slow-cooked meat that is served on a piece of pita bread), Kabsa (made with rice and different types of ingredients) Arabic coffee and dates are two important aspects of Emirati food culture.

Dance And Poetry:

Today, Al Ayyalah is a popular dance and has been adapted into a new record by UNESCO. The traditional dance originated in UAE and was performed often during weddings or other special occasions - separately by men and women together with instruments like drums, cymbals, and tambourines. With the pulsing beat of Arabic music, this dance is ideal for families and friends to enjoy.
Poetry has taken many forms throughout history in Arabic culture and is typically used to tell stories, deal with social issues, welcome guests, or entertain people. There are two types of poetry that have been traditionally prevalent ‑ Nabati, which is simple and direct, and Al‑Taghrooda which is chanted poetry. Sometimes it accompanies the Al‑Ayyala folk dance which is performed during celebrations or specific holidays.

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With its luxurious lifestyle and fascinating culture, Dubai has something for everyone. This article provides an insightful look at what life is like in this modern city, from the food to the fashion to the nightlife. If you are planning a trip to Dubai soon, be sure to read up on everything you need to know before you go. Dubai is a prosperous country in terms of legacy, economy, heritage, and any other criteria. Dubai has grown incredibly quickly in recent years. At least once in a lifetime, one must experience breathtaking scenery, architectural marvels, and several other treasures. Dubai's atmosphere is adorned by various celebrations. from religious celebrations to commercial holidays. They have a festival to remember every aspect of their existence. A party is always coming up in Dubai. It continuously makes its visitors happy and gains their respect.
With hundreds of millions of residents, Dubai has prospered over the duration of its history. Let's investigate the utterly exhilarating and awe-inspiringly diverse extravaganza that one can encounter in Dubai. Are you eagerly waiting to witness all of these and not just see them in pictures or read about them? What's holding you back? Visit Dubai Visit Visa Online today and get a visa in a mere time span of 3 to 4 business days. 

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