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can we travel to other emirates with dubai visa

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For many, visiting the United Arab Emirates means planning a trip to the emirate of Dubai. Dubai is a dreamland for tourists and visitors; the emirate has everything that a tourist can desire and something that is even hard to imagine, like skiing in the middle of a desert or residing on a man-made archipelago. The emirate has redefined the tourism experience. Dubai is probably the most famous emirate, and maybe this is the reason why the emirate has become the face of the UAE on a global level. This popularity is why a UAE visa is also referred to as a Dubai Visa in the common language.   

Suppose you are planning a trip to Sharjah or any other emirate other than Dubai and wondering whether a Dubai Visa will provide you access to the emirate or not. In that case, you are a little confused about the UAE’s federal structure. Don’t worry; you are not alone, as many travelers have doubts regarding the visa requirement for the different emirates.   

Read the complete article to resolve all your doubts and to learn the easiest way to apply for a UAE Visa.  


Is it UAE Visa or Dubai Visa  

UAE is a federation of 7 members emirates. Dubai and Sharjah, along with the other 5 emirates, form the federation of United Arab Emirates. All the emirates follow a standard protocol for international travelers and tourists as prescribed by the country’s tourism and immigration ministries. That means that a visa that allows the passenger access to an emirate will also allow him access to another emirate.   

If we leave common language aside, there is no such thing as a Dubai visa, as a visa is always issued for a country, not a region or part of the nation. And since Dubai, along with the other emirates, is part of the federation for the UAE, the visa granted would be for the UAE, i.e., all the emirates, including Sharjah.  

Why Is It Called Dubai Visa?  

Dubai has turned out to be the most famous emirate in the country and witnesses maximum tourist footfall. Dubai encourages millions of tourists to apply for UAE visas every year.   

More than half of the tourists who apply for the UAE visa do so to visit Dubai; that is why in everyday language, the UAE visa has come to be called a Dubai Visa.    

What Makes Dubai So Famous

Dubai has refined what tourism standards are like. The emirate has developed itself as one of the most admired tourist destinations in the world. If you are wondering what makes the emirate so popular, then have a look at the fantastic activities you can do in the emirate  

  • Experience life underwater even without diving into the ocean at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.  
  • Take a tour into the future at Dubai’s Museum of Future.  
  • Skii in the middle of the desert at the Mall of Emirates.  
  • Introduce yourself to the cultures of different parts of the world at the Global Village.  


Traveling To Sharjah On A Dubai Visa

One thing is clear now, a visa issued at any emirates allows the visa holder to travel to the other emirates. So, you can also travel to the emirate of Sharjah with your Dubai visa.  

Now you know that with your Dubai visa, you can travel to not just Dubai but to all the other emirates. If you want to learn about the best places to visit in UAE and check out all the great activities you can perform in the country, you can check out our other blogs on the website.   

The Smartest Way To Get Your Uae Visa

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With Dubai Visit Visa Online at your side, you will not need any sponsor for your trip; we will act as your sponsor. This will eliminate the need to gather the sponsor ID and other documents, and you will be ankle to apply for a visa with ease and comfort.  


Due to the insane popularity of Dubai, the UAE visa has come to be called a Dubai Visa in ordinary, day-to-day language. If you plan to visit the emirate of Sharjah with your Dubai visa, you are allowed for that. Not just Sharjah, you can visit any of the emirates with your Dubai/UAE visa.  


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